May 26, 2010

3 Week Pregnancy Symptoms- What to expect

In case a woman is newly pregnant or attempting conception, she would be confounded with several queries regarding what to expect, how her body would change or what would be transpiring inside her. Here is an elucidation of 3 week pregnancy symptoms that a woman could expect to come across.

After the male ejaculates the sperms commence their journey up via the vagina, to the uterus and eventually reaching the fallopian tubes in anticipation for the egg. On an average, a sperm has the capability of fertilizing the egg for twelve to forty-eight hours post-ejaculation. In rarest of scenarios, a number of super-sperms manage to survive for even seventy-two hours.

During the course of a woman’s ovulation, a ripened egg is released which then reaches the fallopian tube and is exposed to sperms. There are over three million sperms released on an average from which one manages to make it into the fallopian tube and then penetrates the egg leading to conception or fertilization. A woman’s body would additionally release EPF (Early Pregnancy Factor) which is a kind of immunosuppressant protein that prevents her body from perceiving the fetus as an intruder.

A number of women might experience some extent of spotting known as implantation bleeding and cramping when the fertilized egg is burrowing itself into the lining of the uterus. There is no reason to be concerned about regarding these signs.

The fertilized egg is known as a zygote that instantaneously commences division into identical cells while it travels through the fallopian tube taking around four to seven days to reach the uterus. Once inside the uterus, it would usually take around seventy-two hours prior to embedding into the lining of the uterus or implantation occurring. Once the fertilized egg has been implanted, the baby is known as a blastocyst and is around 0.1 to 0.2 millimetres in width, nearly similar to the size of a pin tip. It does not resemble a fetus and is merely a grouping of around a hundred cells that are undergoing multiplication and swiftly developing. The exterior layer of cells would develop into the placenta whereas the interior layer would transform into an embryo.


She might not detect any form of changes as it is too early and a woman has not even skipped her periods till that time.

Tip for confirming 3 week pregnancy symptoms

Home pregnancy tests are nearly as dependable as urine analysis or blood analysis conducted at the physician’s clinic and could provide a woman instantaneous outcomes rather than wait in a physician’s clinic for the result. For ensuring precision, women must scan through all the directions watchfully and all kit constituents being utilized are sanitary.

Other early 3 week pregnancy symptoms that women could experience are:

Frequent urination

After implantation, women could prevalently experience recurrent urination.

High BBT

In case a woman has been tracking her BBT or basal body temperature then she might notice that it would be elevated and continue to be that way for fifteen days or more in the absence of menstruation.

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