Nov 25, 2010

A Healthy Pregnancy Survival Guide for the Winter Season

Wintertime pregnancy might sound ideal theoretically (the expanding baby-bump keeping you snug & balmy). However dryness and itchiness among pregnant women alongside nose bleed episodes could exasperate you, iced roads that are slippery enough to make you miss a step & trip and worst of all – the cold & flu microorganisms that are rife in the wintry months. Despite the bleak picture, expectant moms need not fret as here are some useful pointers to assist you in feeling lesser uncomfortable and maintaining optimal materno-fetal health all of which contribute to a healthy pregnancy.

Layering yourself while Dressing up

A number of expectant mothers experience situations where they feel they are literally getting roasted in homes & at jobs that have heating facility. This occurs since bodies of pregnant females tends to run around two degree more as compared to regular temperature. Hence even though it is alright to don above-the-knee clothes or sleeveless chemise during job, no sooner are you headed outdoors, ensure bundling up & protecting finger and toe regions. When one dresses up in different layers it would help in keeping you warm when outdoors, however making it simpler in stripping off once you’ve arrived back indoors for making one’s warmer than usual body as comfy as possible.

Plugging on Humidifiers

Dryness in the air during the cold flu season causes drying out of nose passages making one more susceptible to nose bleed episodes which is one of the existent symptoms of pregnancy. So, try restoring some extent of humidity to the air that one breathes in by using humidifiers in rooms. Doing so would be making vessels lesser susceptible to bleed & also allay respiratory issues such as for asthmatics. One needs to bear in mind that humidifiers must be cleaned, its filter & water changed to avert moldy formations. Dabbing on a little petroleum jelly on the inner nostril areas & saline sprays could additionally lower the frequency of nose bleeding. One needs to bear in mind that experiencing nose bleeding is completely normal gestational symptom however when it occurs frequently and does not halt subsequent to a couple of minutes of mild pressure over the nostril areas then the physician must be notified. A number of females are unaware of having blood condition which is causing nose bleeds & it is mostly during gestation that they unearth it.

Invest in Good-quality footwear

Snow-filled paths & glossy stairways were already tricky in navigating pre-pregnancy, however during gestation a pregnant woman’s core of gravity shifts & hormones making the joints loose. Hence to stay erect becomes the key objective for expectant moms. Even though small falls would perhaps be hurting the mother than the foetus, no pregnant woman would want to be restrained in casts. In case there is a major trip, there is a possibility of placenta separating from the uterine region which is the life-line of the foetus. Hence, the goal should be opting for lesser heel, rubber sole (grip necessary) & footwear having secure fitting.

In case snow-boots are inapt for work then switch to less heel footwear no sooner have you arrived at work. In spite of following precautionary measures, if one does trip then do notify you physician at the earliest. In case pains, blood loss, contractions are being experienced then it is imperative to promptly visit a hospital.

Stocking up on Baby Creams & Lotions

The cold flu season could trigger flakiness, itchiness and dryness in the skin. Hence one must be using skincare products that suit sensitive skin hence looking for moisturizing products that are non-allergy producing & fragrance-free. The best bet is using the products which one has stocked up for the arrival of the baby. Those with extreme skin dryness could blend together the extracts from vitamin E capsules with moisturizing lotions. Although it might be chilly outdoors, pregnant women must ideally not bathe in heated shower or bath tub for protracted periods since they could rob the skin’s innate moisture.

Snowing – A Pretext to be Home Bound

Pre-pregnancy, chances were that snowing failed to deter you from visiting friends located afar or scampering through the snow for procuring grocery. However during pregnancy it is imperative to self-analyze if the risk is outweighing the requirement.

Becoming Germaphobes

Immune system might not be at its effectual best during pregnancy hence increasing vulnerability to sniffles. Also several expectant mothers are worried about falling sick since they are unaware of which medicines are to be avoided for a healthy pregnancy. Frequently washing your hands is the finest way of defending against any sickness. While on job, do set aside some minutes for cleaning up objects around you like telephones, keyboards that may have been handled in your absence to prevent contracting any infection due to germs. In case buddies or kin members state that they are ill, then in a courteous manner re-schedule the meeting to another time.

Immunity-boosting food varieties like orange, broccoli must be consumed regularly. Pregnant women must steer clear from herbal therapies since their impact on gestation are not yet amply researched. In case one does fall ill in spite of the mightiest of endeavours ensure being watchful about body temperature as anything crossing a hundred degree Fahrenheit can be harmful to the fetus & necessitates medical assistance.

Getting the Flu Jab

Flu shots are mandatory for every pregnant woman. Flu in gestational period can be tough to handle, however contracting swine flu could especially be perilous since the virus could notably impact lung functioning which as gestation advances & uterine expansion, is working hard during respiration. However flu vaccine offered in the current cold flu season shields mother from normal flu & swine flu virus – even protecting the fetus. Hence merely a single flu jab is all that is needed for ensuring a healthy pregnancy without any obstacles.

Hydrating yourself more than one deems necessary

Staying amply hydrated in crucial for pregnancy and during the wintry season one can easily dehydrate due to substantial fluid loss via perspiration & quivering. Pregnant women should be aiming for twelve eight oz. glassfuls water daily which helps in combating skin dryness, furnish sufficient amniotic fluid, assists in blood manufacture & lessen the chances of developing headache episodes & premature labor.

Moderation in the Key for Sugared Holiday delicacies

Winters & sugared delicacies are synonymous with one another. Pregnant women must avoid giving in to individuals who constantly tell them to keep eating. Excessive pounds increase is never beneficial for maternal-fetal health. Any treats are alright to consume moderately. Though sugar cravings could be hard to overcome hence ensure eating a hearty breakfast first thing in the morning.

Start taking the Sunshine Vitamin

Though basking in the sun’s rays is the finest way of obtaining vitamin D, pregnant women require this vitamin to assist their bodies in calcium absorption which in case deficient would be scavenging it from the mother’s bone structure putting her at a higher risk of bone thinning in the future. It is imperative to seek your physician’s opinion on what brand & dosage would best suit you.

Kick-start the Indoor Get-Fit Regime

It would be rather impossible to take walks outdoors when it is snow-covered. However do not allow the winter season to transform you to a sedentary existence. Pregnant women need to stay fit and prevent excessive weight increase which would simplify labor. One could easily walk stairs which is a great cardiovascular exercise that helps in keeping body supple & active. However do ensure wearing steady, good-fitting footwear and there are proper railings to grip onto when climbing stairs.

Those with gym memberships could try opting for treadmills; do yoga poses or aqua aerobics. Those on tight budgets could exercise by viewing an exercise DVD that is pertinent to pregnancy and a risk-free, effectual means of staying lithe.

Avoid Shovelling

Though drive-ways need shovelling during winters it is unsafe for pregnant women. Hence, simply assign this task to someone else.

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