Mar 3, 2011
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Acetaminophen Use in Kids – Important Medicine Safety Information

Acetaminophen – Tylenol among other names have been a benchmark cure to tackle fevers & pains among kids. It is effectual & easily obtainable over-the-counter. However excessively used could be damaging to the child as it tends to overload the liver’s capability of processing the medicine safely. Overdoses of acetaminophen occur easier than one may deem.

Acetaminophen use is risk-free only when administered in the right dosage, not to be given more repeatedly than 4-6 hourly time intervals & not crossing 4 dosages in a twenty-four hour time span. In case one has exceeded the right dosage or giving it sooner or giving excess of acetaminophen over a twenty-four time span, however, could be causal to liver harm (that could be grave and also critical).

However, people also need to understand that acetaminophen is a prevalent constituent found in several combo formulations inclusive of the brands that are promoted for treatment of cold & flu. In case one misses out reading the finer prints on the medicine labelling then one might not comprehend that the particular medicine is containing acetaminophen – thus ending up offering a double dosage to the child.

Over-dosages happen frequently when a kid mistakenly takes acetaminophen thinking it as juice or candies. This situation could occur when adults leave the medicine container opened or within easy access subsequent to have taken his/her personal medicine.

Child Safety Tips pertinent to Acetaminophen Use

For ensuring that the kid is out of harm’s way, following the dose instructions meticulously & considering a proper check-up by your physician is important. The dosage for acetaminophen (similar to majority of kid’s medicines) are on the basis of how much a child weighs rather than how old he/she is, hence the instruction set on the boxes are estimates of the extent that children of this age group may be weighing.

The suggested acetaminophen dosage is ten to fifteen mg/pound of the kid’s weight. The physician’s clinic could assist the person in translating this information to the precise dosage needed for a particular kid.

Also crucial piece of information for caregivers or parents is that it is even important that solely cups or droppers coming with the medicine bottles or drug syringes (obtainable at a pharmacy) must be used for measurement purposes and no using any other thing.

When to seek prompt medical assistance

In case a kid five years or lesser in age has swallowed ninety-one mg acetaminophen/pound of his/her body-weight (two hundred milligram/kg) in twenty-four hours.

In case a kid six years of age & above has swallowed ninety-one milligrams acetaminophen/pound of his/her body-weight (two hundred milligrams/kg) or a minimum of ten thousand milligrams acetaminophen – which-so-ever is lesser.

Acetaminophen overdose treatment

When over-dosage of acetaminophen is given to a child, he/she might feel nauseous, puke, be lethargic & experience stomach pains within a day’s time. Such a kid must be promptly taken to a doctor where activated charcoal is generally administered orally or nasally as a blackish fluid inside the tummy, if needed. Antidotes might even be needed for annulling acute overdosing –ideally offered 8 – ten hours post-overdose.

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