Apr 19, 2011
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April is Autism Awareness Month – Knowing Which Treatments Work & Don’t

April is commemorated as Autism Awareness Month for the key purpose of reminding us of the varied challenges that autistic kids & their kin face on a day-to-day basis & how we can all contribute to this noble endeavour.

In the recent past, autism cases have seen a sharp spurt from one in 110 kids to one in seventy boys. Though autism is not a lethal condition, it has now been identified as an endemic because of the increasing numbers of kids being identified with it. This kind of awareness is necessary due to the impact that the kids identified with autism would be having on the society when they enter adulthood.

Currently the following hurdles are being faced that need to be resolved on an urgent basis.

  • There are acute shortages of eligible teaching staff who know how to ably work with autistic kids.
  • Need for reprieve & support program for kin.
  • Unique challenges for transitioning programmes.
  • Issues since law-enforcement misconstrue autistic youngsters.
  • Deficit of support programmes for kin & kids from low social-economic neighbourhoods.

Not merely has autism diagnoses vastly risen, however the array of disablement is so extensive than it could be nearly crushing.

Behavioural therapy, antidepressant drugs, stimulant types, secretin – the listing of autism therapies is lengthy, though which ones are truly worth their while.

Parents whose children get an autism spectrum disorder or ASD diagnosis would leave no stone unturned for offering the finest therapy out there. Though, with so many kinds of autism therapies there, it could get rather baffling & overwhelming to a parent in such situation as to which one to zero down upon. Hence, in an endeavour at assisting kin & physicians segregate ‘meat from bone’ about ASD therapies, the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) is offering in-depth, medical reassessments of some of the most popularly opted ASD interventional treatments for kids twelve years & below.

Scientists offered feedbacks on the efficacy of particular autism therapies inclusive of:

Antidepressant & Stimulant Drugs –
Scientists haven’t been able to gather ample proof for judging the potency of particular other drugs deployed for treating autism like SSRIs (serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) & stimulant drugs. The gist is that it may be working for some kids though is yet a subject of experimenting till a solution is located.

Antipsychotic Drugs –
Scientists have uncovered conspicuously scarce proof of advantage for most drugs deployed for treating ASD, apart from medications which are addressing difficult behaviours. For instance, kids using antipsychotic drugs like aripiprazole, risperidone were observed to shown improvement in difficult behaviours, hyperactivity & recurring behaviours. Though, the duo drugs were even found to be causal to considerable side-effects like piling on pounds & sedating effect.

Developmental, Behavioural Intercessions –
On having examined thirty-four trials of preliminary exhaustive interventional programmes for younger autistic kids, scientists observed that children in comprehensive programmes which merged particular behavioural & development theories had a greater likelihood of showing improvement in performances cognitively, verbal communication skills & adaptative behavioural skills. But prior to giving any official advice, scientists are on the lookout for additional info regarding what interventional strategies would in most likelihood be benefiting specific kids. Data has even shown that opting for gluten-less casein foods assist autistic kids.

Your Kid

According to the AAP view, autistic kids are most benefited from behavioural & development strategy. However, if you’re unsure about finding one of such programmes for your kid then enquire from your child specialist or locally placed autism advocacy groups whether any such programs are presently existent in your neighbourhood (oftentimes provided via study hospitals or colleges). In case nothing is presently obtainable then try working with your child specialist for creating one’s personal program by obtaining the apt referral to occupational, child-behaviour & speech therapist in your locality. It could even be helpful to get in touch with your locally placed school region’s special-education dept. for assistance in regards to this.

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