Jul 22, 2010
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Astonishing Things That Parents Do with Their Baby’s Placenta

Here are several mind-boggling things that people have done with their infant’s placenta.

Crafting an Exceptional Teddy

The idea of crafting a teddy out of placenta remains might seem not-so-cute for some while others might deem it ‘endearing’. Well, this exceptional teddy could be made by cutting the placenta and then curing it with kosher or mined salt. The placenta is then made malleable employing a blend of eggs plus tannin prior to its transformation into an inimitable teddy.

Encapsulating the Placenta into Pill form and Ingesting Them

Among those having a whacky feel about dining on their after-delivery with cutlery, yet are keen on digging into its nutrient advantages could opt for the ‘D.I.Y Placenta Encapsulation Kit’ costing seventy-five dollars. Several websites like PlacentaBenefits.info (no follow) offer such kits along with an array of credible reasons to begin ingesting the placenta of one’s baby in pill form. Medically it is termed human placentophagy and none other than celeb Tom Cruise has made claims that he would eat his newly born baby’s placenta.

Technically stated, this is often the case in the animal kingdom. The placenta has elevated prostaglandin presence that causes uterine stimulation, cleans it out and additionally has miniscule levels of oxytocin that helps in easing delivery stress and helps in contracting and ejecting the even muscles encircling the milk-producing cells.

The magic pill is claimed to balance hormones, improve milk production, rev up energy and stave off postpartum depression. Although there is dearth of studies backing this claim, but specialists state that the placenta actually produces progesterone-estrogen which is believed to help new mothers.

Making Placental Artwork

Appreciating the finer points of art is definitely a personal matter and it is most probable that the ones who rightfully own such exceptional placental art-prints would actually be appreciative about these. Though engaging in making such masterpieces is definitely not for the faint-hearted. No paints necessary here since the blood-inundated placenta would be adequate for making prints. However, removing few amniotic fluid remains is recommended. The placenta is to be placed on canvas with the side that one intends on printing and the umbilical cord held in one of the hands.

There are people who have designed tee-shirts and personalized-onesies using placental blood, a form of craft project surely not for the prudish and pusillanimous. Those interested could check out Thingamababy.com (no follow) which provides detailed, witty tutorials on how to do it.

Planting a Placenta Flowering Tree

The good old adage tree-of-life – one could have one in one’s lawn in case one plants a placental tree. Several traditions involve basically burying the placenta underneath the ground for varying reasons like illustrating the human-earth link to shield and ensure maternal-infant health. However, one could be creating a live testimonial to one’s kid in case one buries the placenta and plants a flowering or fruit-bearing tree on that spot.

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