May 3, 2011

Autism Diagnosis in Babies Gets More Fine-Tuned with Simple Checklist

New-fangled study finding indicates that a 5-minutes survey that all parents could take can help in detecting signs of ASD (autism spectrum disorders) among even 1-year-old infants. Presently, screening techniques for autism diagnosis permit physicians in determining whether a baby eighteen months of age or more is having a disorder.

The twenty-four queries long survey assesses infant’s motions, sound & ocular focussing amongst other aspects. Till date, it has facilitated scientists in diagnosing ASD precisely on seventy-five per cent of the occasions.

Mentioned herewith are the groups & queries which are part of this incredible survey to facilitate more efficient Autism diagnosis.

Emotions & Eye Gazing
  • Are you aware when your baby is joyful & when distressed or sad?
  • When your baby is playing with toys, is he/ she looking at you to check whether you’re seeing him/ her?
  • When your child looks at you is he/ she smiling or laughing?
  • When you are looking at & pointing to a plaything across the room, is your baby looking at it?
Communicational Skills
  • Is your baby letting you know that she/ she requires assistance or yearns for an item that is unreachable?
  • When you’re inattentive to your baby, is he/ she behaving in an attention-grabbing manner?
  • Is your child doing stuff to make you cackle?
  • Is your baby attempting to seek your attention to see intriguing items – merely to get you to see those items, not interested in getting you to be doing something with it?
  • Is your baby picking up items & giving these to you?
  • Is your baby showing you items sans handing it over to you?
  • Is your baby waving for greeting individuals?
  • Is your child pointing to items?
  • Is your child nodding head to indicate an affirmative answer?
  • Is your baby using sound or word for get you to notice her or for assistance?
  • Is your baby stringing sounds as one like ga-ga, see-you, da-da, ma-ma, bye-bye, ta-ta?
  • How many of the just mentioned consonant sounds is your child using:
    • Ma
    • Ga
    • Sha
    • Sa
    • Na
    • La
    • Wa
    • Ba
    • Ya
    • Da
  • Do you know the number of meaningful words that your baby is using which you could identify (like mum-mum for food, ba-ba for milk bottle)?
  • Is your baby putting duo wordings together (for instance, more milk, see-you Papa)?
Comprehending Capability
  • On calling out the name of your baby, is he/ she responding by glancing at you or comes to you?Objects Usage
  • What is the approximate number of phrases/ words which your baby is capable of understanding sans gesturing? For instance, when one is saying, ‘Where are your eyes”, “where is Papa”, “give me the ball”, “come this side”, sans having to show or point, would your kid be responding aptly?
Objects Usage
  • Is your baby interested to play with an array of items?
  • Which of these items could your child use aptly – cups, bowls, brushes, toothbrushes, spoons, bottles, toy vehicles or telephones, washcloths?
  • Does your baby like doing pretend-games while playing with his/ her toys like for example, feeding a soft toy, putting Barbie to bed or putting some animal inside a car?
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