Apr 22, 2010
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Viable Therapy Options to help a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder or autism is a mild to severe ranging condition wherein a child faces problems when trying to relate to individuals and scenarios and shows irrational resistance to any modification in routines. The condition is four folds more prevalent in the male gender as compared to females.

Those tending to a child with autism would probably uncover that his/her behavior is most problematical in the ages of 2-5 years and there might be an improvement noted by the age of six to twelve years. As the child grows, he/she would in all probability start showing greater responsiveness and conviviality. Though there is no cure available for autism spectrum disorder, yet there are a number of therapies that are intended to bring about an improvement in the child’s behaviorism and help him adjust.

Behavior Modification Therapy

Behavior modification therapy lays emphasis on swapping dysfunctional behaviorisms like tantrum-throwing, aggressive behavior, head banging among several others with appropriate desirable behaviorisms by employing a method of reward.

Relaxation and massage Therapy

The infant is edified on ways of relaxing employing massages, music, touch and vocal signs. Soon after, the oral cues could be employed by themselves when the infant starts exhibiting indications of tension; since he relates them with feeling peaceful, they should dispel the tension. Massage also assists autistic kids in bonding to individuals around via touch.

Holding Therapy

This would involve offering the kid plentiful hugging and cuddling, irrespective of his/her indifferent approach to those around. The conjecture is that when one persists on holding the kid, he/she would feel calmed and reassured while not having to face the issue of having to start the interaction in the foremost instant.

Speech Therapy

A number of autism spectrum disorder cases are identified by a speech therapist since poor language development is mostly the preliminary indication. Speech therapy could additionally bring about improvement in the communication skill sets of an autistic child. In case the child does not speak or his/her speech is quite restricted or child is having difficulties in speech then those tending to the child could use sign language. This approach must complement speech although not replacing it. Sign language like Makaton could be employed for providing help and support to an autistic child.


This would involve the entire kin of an autistic child being part of this form of therapy. This is done so that parents are able to comprehend the behaviorism of an autistic kid and its upshots. In a number of situations, the autistic child could also be given individual psychotherapy.

Based on the severity of an infant’s autism, he/she could be able to attend regular school wherein additional assistance and guidance would be provided or the child would need to be admitted to a specialist school intended for kids having learning or developmental conditions.

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