Aug 10, 2010
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Fabulous Handy Baby Gadgets – Part I

Overwhelming numbers of kiddie gadgets are available in the markets that are a great add-on for all parents.

Thudguard Baby Helmets

Though tripping and falling are part-and-parcel of a child’s growing years, however the maker of the ‘Thudguard’ helmets, Kelly Forsyth-Gibson begs to differ. She believes falls could be prevented and easily avoided. How often tots bump their heads when learning to walk and playing around. These helmets assure protection to toddlers from any injury befalling them.

Chinese Child Balls (Kiddie Zorbing)

A ball that your little could run around in. The ball could even float over water which could be all the more fun for the tots. Great pre-training so that in future your little one could do ‘Zorbing’ in N. Zealand (translates to rolling down hills in a bubble).

Mummy Wraps

Expectant mommas can now heave a huge sigh of relief with all due credit to ‘MummyWraps with Swiss Shield’ that shield foetuses from electro-smogging. EMR or electro-magnetic radiations are constantly emitted from innate as well as synthetic mediums like mobiles. Mummywrap is an under-garment created from original Swiss Shield Technology which apparently obstructs EMR arising from day-to-day use appliances like television sets, radios, and power poles.

Parental Bike Dream Machine

All new parents are pressed for time to carry on with their daily exercise regimes and find it increasingly hard to spend time away from their babies.

The Bike Dream Machine – a unusual-looking contrivance created by a dad from Wales facilitates parents in merging the duo tasks effortlessly. The machine garners benefits of the rounded pedalling movements for driving a device which causes gentle rocking motions for lulling you little one to sleep.

‘Why Cry’ to the Rescue

‘Why Cry’ is a new-fangled contraption which helps parents in knowing the reason for their little one shedding tears. The monitoring device functions by listening to the infant’s cries for twenty seconds and then via digital analysis lights up 1 of the 5 crying appearances notifying one if the infant is famished, exhausted, feeling stress, boredom or is upset.

An all-inclusive user-guide is given along with ‘WhyCry’ analysing monitor that carries a symptoms graphic representation so that the crying could then be interpreted and then tips provided on rectifying it.

Bulletproof Baby Pram

This brand of pram sold by is capable of withstanding any type of armor-stabbing rounds while providing the best comforts and style to the little one.

Tot Pod

Aldo Barreto is the brainchild of the incorporated kiddie control system, ‘Tot Pod’ and eradicates the hassles arising from multitudes of redundant kid travel brands. The Tot Pod has a clutching knob and a handy storage section at the rear, drop-down wheelies transforming the car-seat into a pram and when not needed easily get folded shut alike clam shells.

Adiri Natural Nurser Baby Bottles

These easy in using and safely placed in dishwashers, the ‘Fill-Twist-Feed’ system permits caregivers in swiftly preparing a feeding bottle single-handedly. The bottles are prepared from soft-textured non-BPA and non-phthalates materials and have a nipple that resembles a mom’s breasts. It has a distinctive ‘Petal’ nozzle that aids in lowering colic. It definitely adds up to the ultimate bottle-feeding experience ever. At What Age Should Kids Get Their First Cell Phones?

Robo Nanny

Standing just over a meter in height, ‘Robo-Nanny’ is the ideal god-sent innovation for busy parents with children. Created by Tmsuk, it has projector-affixed visual aids, flashes publicity messages and could be employed for showing images taken with camera fitted in one of the eyes. It is also capable of identifying kids by names employ specialized tags that kids don when they play and chat with the robot as per age.

Fabulous Handy Baby Gadget – Part II

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