Apr 27, 2010
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Baby Games to Hone Mental Development

A baby is constantly developing novel mental abilities at an astounding rate, generally via play and one could help by offering the child loads of fascinating novel experiences with these simple and effective baby games.

Here are several baby games one could employ in stimulating an older baby’s mental development.

  • Playing hide & seek employing toys. The plaything could be placed in front of the infant and then allow her try reaching for it on many instances, then placing a paper piece ahead of the toy for hiding it. The infant would try moving the paper in order to locate the plaything.
  • Choosing soft-textured books intended for babies that have big multicolored pictures and setting aside time each day for reading it. Attempt to name numerous items present on the book’s pages and then taking the child’s hand and pointing to those items and naming them once more.
  • When the child is one year old, he/she would start understanding the concept of cause-and-effect when one describes simultaneously one’s on-going actions. For instance, during times when one puts on or takes off a child’s jacket or when a doll is dressed or undressed.
  • Describing to the child what is actually happening when he/she is playing. For example, baby games that comprise of knocking down some bottles or bricks and concurrently saying ‘All fell down’.
  • Giving an older infant of approximately fifteen months of age, basic chores to do around the house, like telling the child to tidy up and put items away in the appropriate places or fetch some item for yourself, to encourage the child’s feelings of having achieved something significant and encouraging her feelings of satisfaction and pride.
  • Helping the child in stringing together words for making basic sentences. Introducing the notion of possession, especially with his/her own items – saying ‘That is Jane’s doll, this is your doll’.
Baby Games to Sharpen Memory

With a baby growing older, his/her developing memory would become more noticeable. There are several things that could be done to assist in honing your older baby’s mental development.

  • Repeating a small rhyme to the infant repeatedly till the time he/she is capable of saying it without any help.
    Singing a short song to the infant, accentuate the rhyme employing hand clapping, head nodding and body gesturing.
  • Read audibly to the infant is by far the most favorable means of developing memory. In case a story is said again, the child would be capable of anticipating incidents and saying them prior to you even getting there. In case one hesitates spectacularly in the midst of sentences, the child would then furnish the missed out words like ducks, trees, kittens or babies.
  • Reciting sequence of numbers would help in stimulating his/her memory as would the case be when one parrots the alphabets, particularly in case one gives it an exact pace or rhyming pattern.
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