Sep 1, 2010
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Baby Items to Avoid Buying – Part I

Many newly turned parents often self-interrogate while stocking up on myriad purchasing for accommodating the arrival of their newly born wonder if that much stuff is truly necessary.

Marketing of infant equipment galore is often paraded in front of expectant moms and dads who are keen on providing the best for their newly born baby. When they are notified about a particular should-have item, several of them procure it without a second thought which later on piles up as superfluous things that are often not of much utility.

Here is a compilation of top ten worthless things that newly turned parents need not fret about purchasing.

Infant Wipe Warmers

Irrespective of whether one is adopting the green diapering principle that entails re-usable material wipe or dampened bio-degradable wipe, infant wipe warmers are a needless purchase. Those concerned about the infant getting the chills could just warm up the wipes in-between the hollows of their hand prior to wiping them over their child’s buttocks. Moreover, one might enfold the infant in a snug towel at the time of changing diapers for keeping him/her warm throughout.

Diaper Bucket

Simply envisage all those chunky plastic diaper buckets ending in landfills when babies grow out of their diaper wearing phase. Also the plastic refuse container linings which are placed within the diaper bucket are another addition to the scrap heaps. As there is truly no possible good re-usage of diaper pails subsequent to their proposed use hence best is making do sans it. The best approach is taking dirty diapers outdoors to the trash cans on a regular basis to evade home odours. Despite this, in case you are keen on buying the stench-collector then meticulously washing and disinfecting it once its use is over and donate it to shelters, daycares or those who need it.

Diaper Changing Tables

There is absolutely no requirement of buying separately gear named as ‘changing tables’ for accommodating the little one at the time of changing diapers. All dressers could be easily converted to changing tables by placement of changing pads which include safety straps over their level exterior. One could additionally procure changing pads which could transform all corners of one’s abode into an instantaneous changing area. However always bearing in mind that the infant must not be left alone while diaper changing.

Exclusive Infant Laundry Detergents

Several manufacturers promote the use of specially created infant laundry detergent powders mostly at steep prices. Until one’s child specialist has specifically recommended one could usually utilize the analogous eco-chummy, toxin, scent or colorant free, hypoallergenic brands of detergents that one uses for the complete house for washing the infant’s clothes and fabric diapers.

Baby Items to Avoid Buying – Part II

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