Jan 10, 2012

Basic Hygiene habits to learn by the preschoolers

When kids become preschoolers, such kids have tendency wherein they want to do their task themselves. Well this is definitely good, but on other hand this is also challenges and filled with power struggles. This definitely cause a problem in taking proper hygiene care of the kids, leaving personal hygiene to them is hard as they are not capable of taking care of themselves.

A growing child, has budding independence in him, like they want to brush their teeth themselves, but as parents we need to remain involved for this will ensure the proper cleanliness as required. But that doesn’t mean you will not let your kids do anything, rather you should foster these behaviors but in right manner. You need to teach them the manners and skills which will help preschoolers in maintaining basic hygiene.

The ways through which you can help preschoolers:

Brushing Teeth: Well kids look cute when they brush their teeth themselves, as they move brush around in their mouth. Well some kids even succeed in forming suds. But that’s not all, for proper hygiene of teethBrushing teeth you need to brush for long and clean every place, to keep teeth strong. First thing you can do is set timer like for one minute, and let child have turn cleaning. Using of electric toothbrush is also helpful. Or buying brushes which have their favorite cartoon characters or buying brushes which have music playing of their favorite tunes. Also brushing together with your kids also makes them brush too. Allow kid to brush your teeth and you can brush in their in return. Model how to rinse and spit water.

Brushing Hair: Though this is not for boys but definitely for girls and that is important thing to teach them. Cause without proper set hair, girls look ugly and shabby. Also girls who loves to keep long hair, need to know how to remove tangles from hair, and do regular combing. By age of 4 she should know how to take care of their hair, able to pull hair back in ponytail, encourage her to de tangle her hair and when she should comb her hair.

Washing of Hand: This is very importanWashing of handt habit and this habit is must to be learned by every kid. Kid needs to know when to wash hand and how to wash hands and dry them. Kids need to be well equipped with this habit, kids know how to play in water but washing hands well and clean is different thing. They need to know how to squirt soap in hands, make suds and then wash well and rinse properly and then pat dry hands is important.

Cleaning after potty: Well teach this skill by the time kids start schooling, ask them to use tissue paper to clean till the paper comes out clean, asks kids to do it, and you monitor this for some days till you become sure. You need to teach him to clean properly and also wash hands after that.

Bathing: This is another activity kids can take to do it by themselves. But you need to teach them, like by playing game like “Simon Says” and make them wash body parts from top to toe.

Hygiene issues should be well taken care for health of your child as well for his mannerisms.

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