May 24, 2011
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Bed wetting Causes Among Teens

“My teenage daughter is still wetting the bed.” “My son must not do so as he is old enough.” These are the daily laments of parents whose teens haven’t outgrown the habit of bed wetting that is normally the case during infancy. It is obvious that wetting the bed consistently at night is a concern for parents and an embarrassment for such teens.

Medically, teenage bedwetting is considered as a health illness that is also called nocturnal enuresis. Of every 100, 1 to 2 teens are ailing from this disorder wherein he/ she just cannot control her or his pee (urine) and hence wets the bed which is completely an involuntary action. All through childhood until 3 years of age, wetting the bed is not a disorder, but rather a normal phenomenon because the urinary sphincter is still in the process of becoming completely active. It is not known why exactly, but doctors have seen this illness more in boys than girls. In most cases, it is seen along with ADHD. However, bed wetting during teenage years is not normal and so is a medical affair that calls for a proper diagnosis as well as treatment. But before the treatment, one must know about the different bed wetting causes. So, we shall now have a look at the factors responsible for bed wetting in this age group.

Causes of enuresis

Teenage bed wetting refers to a medical as well as a psychological disorder. In normal teens who do not suffer from enuresis, when the urinary bladder gets filled with the urine, the bladder nerves carry a message till the brain which would then be signalling back to empty the bladder automatically once the person reaches the loo. This is the actual process of urination. However, in teens with bedwetting issue, this does not take place properly.

Nocturnal (night) enuresis can be of two kinds namely, primary and secondary. The latter one occurs at some age because of some reason, while the former one is continuation since birth. Well, even many doctors are left clueless about the reason for this disorder. But, still there are certain bed wetting causes that have been identified as per some theories and experiences. Listed herewith are several bed wetting causes seen in teens and even adults.

  • Hormonal Issues: The antidiuretic hormone also known as ADH is responsible for controlling the rate of urination during post-dusk hours. It normally results in less urine production at night. However, some people’s bodies are such that they cannot generate enough ADH. So, this means that teens having lack of this hormone tend to suffer from nocturnal urination, which is simply involuntary and not at will. This means that their bodies can generate a lot of urine while being asleep. This is among the key bed wetting causes among teenagers.
  • Bladder Issues: Those suffering from enuresis can experience several muscle spasms that put off the urinary bladder from containing a usual amount of urine for a long time. Further, in some teens, it has been seen that their bladders are relatively small enough to hold a big amount of urine. All these statements mean that in some teens, the bladder is not fully developed.
  • Genetics: Most of the teens suffering from such illness also have a parent who was suffering from the same issue at the same age. As per scientists, some specific genes are one of the main bed wetting causes. So, when such genes are passed onto the teen, she or he is likely to suffer from the same disorder.
  • Sleep Issue: This is the case wherein a few teens tend to sleep so profoundly that they fail to wake up for urinating.
  • Medical Problems: There are certain medical conditions that have the power to trigger secondary bed wetting. These are constipation, diabetes, and urinary tract infections. Although it is quite rare, but a spinal cord trauma like extreme stretching due to a fall, accident, and sports injury can also lead to enuresis.
  • Psychological Issues: As per few experts, stress can play a major role in causing enuresis. Especially, teenage years are such that stress and mental torture are very common in the form of teacher’s scolding, divorce, shifting to a new town, death of a friend or parent, fights, and adapting to a new environment.

Summary : Bed wetting causes in teenage is genetics, bladder issues, psychological issues, medical conditions, hormonal problems, and sleep issues.

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