Dec 14, 2011
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Bedwetting: Parents nuisance

Bedwetting is one thing which parents get annoyed with most. No doubt the diapers have become cheap and are available, but for kids to have toilet training, parents need to make them sleep without diapers so that over a period of time they learn it. Staying dry at night is very important for kid’s health, better sleep of your kid, and even for your own good sleep. Staying dry at night should coincide with toilet training.

Children can wet bed till age of six to eight and there are children who have been known to wet bed by age of ten or more. Understanding the reason behind why kids are wetting the bed even after teaching and training about this. Rather a child wetting the bed is complex issue. Also please do notice that there is difference in kid wetting the bed occasionally, or because of some dream to wetting the bed frequently.

But one of the most imporBedwettingtant thing is that parents make bedwetting as nuisance, and thus they scold, punish the kid when they do so. Or they worry up themselves so much in turn the kid gets hassled. These things should not be done. Don’t make it more complex than it already is.

Most common reasons for bedwetting are extra drinks, also dreams and bad dreams are more responsible. Also kids are known to do bedwetting when suffering from illness. Also if your kid is too tired from the days play he may not get up to pee and rather wet the bed. And another common reason is being noticed is stress. Kids have their own level of taking stress and they may wet their bed when they experience stress. But less attention you pay at that the better as time goes and kids get more conscious of self, they stop bedwetting that is they will learn bladder control. Keeping the relaxed atmosphere is very important.

At times there are medical reasons as well, because of some physical problems or as mentioned earlier illness. So do visit your kid’s paediatrician regarding this to rule out any of such reasons which needs medical attention.

Also children who are toilet trained earlier, don’t bed wet so often, its just occasional.

Also all children are different; don’t compare one kid from another. Especially not amongst its friends. You yourself don’t compare your kid with your friends kid. You will make nuisance for yourself. And when you have more then one kid then even between them you should not make comparison. Also it has been noticed that kid does wet bed so that they can grab attention of parents. If that is the case see that you give your kid the attention needed. Each child is a different individual. Child will learn late or early it all depends. And with time this will solve. The most important is to make them feel loved and cared for.

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