Aug 11, 2010
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Fabulous Handy Baby Gadget – Part II

Fabulous Handy Baby Gadget – Part I

Get set to be amazed by the plethora of baby gadgets that will help simplify the lives of parents.

Roller Buggy

The roller buggy is specially-created hydraulics brake system having duo speed-breakers for lowering pace and halting. The safety belt helps to strap down the little one is place. The conversion to a scooty takes place via a basic draw of the lower part of the body which extends the pram. However, the transportation means is ideal for kids over 1and ½ years of age and the pace not crossing beyond fifteen kilometre per hour. A great way to add a dash of fun to kiddie strolls outdoors.


The smart cot tends to your precious one and provides an array of benefits over standard cribs. It has exceptional, convenient characteristics and an impressive contemporary look. Also built-in are mechanical rocking for regularizing sleep patterns which helps in keeping the kid cool during summers by facilitating air-circulation and prevents backaches and strains with its hoisting mechanism. Guess what – one could also monitor what your little one is doing from any location in one’s house with due help from the incorporated video-monitoring.

Trixie Tracker

Great software for busy parents that could be availed on iPhones, net-enabled cell phones or a regular web browser which allows sharing of info between kin, child-care providers and medical experts. A user would be able to keep tabs on napping, nursing, medications, diapering, milk inventories and feed timetables for kids till 3 years of age.

Familoop - parental control software

Smart Parental Control Software for parents to filter websites and check in on kids’ online activity. Instead of setting up individual controls for each phone, tablet and PC, Familoop Safeguard allows parents to manage all of these devices under one umbrella. On a parenting dashboard parents can see how long kids are online, what they are doing, and where they may be running into trouble.

Familoop - parental control software

Temperature-receptive Feeding Bottles

Though we all have our ways of gauging the apt temperature for the milk in the baby’s bottle, this invention by a set of Japanese designers has a thermo-chromic, forgery-proof visage imprinted on the bottle that turns bright green and smiles when the milk is at the apt temperature and turning scarlet and weepy when the temperature is higher than normal (> 38 degree centigrade).

Bebe Sounds

This cool invention is available with duo head phones so that fetal sounds could be heard more clearly. A great antenatal heartbeat monitoring device that all parents could listen to whenever they desired.

Grobag Egg

This device notifies you of the room temperature by altering color. It is a boon for parents who get apprehensive that their infant’s room does not get too heated or chilly.

The Lunar Baby Thermometer

It is a touch method of temperature-checking by scrutinizing the forehead that eliminates the need for rectal temperature checks. The lunar baby thermometer is to be placed on the forehead after which a noise beeps ensued by a blinking LED alerting all that the temperature reading has been taken appearing on the liquid crystal display while clutching the device to the child.

Fabulous Handy Baby Gadget – Part I

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