Jun 10, 2010
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Birth Control Options for Women Over 30 – Part III

Latex Condoms- Who is it suitable for?

Females above forty years of age or more, non-monogamous and not yet menopausal are the ideal candidates for condoms. Disparate to other birth control options, a condom could offer protection from majority of the sexually transmitted diseases and HIV and is nearly ninety-eight percent efficient in pregnancy prevention when employed in the correct manner. It is a cost-effective, uncomplicated choice for those not having that hectic of a time in bed.

Latex Condoms- For what types of women is it contraindicated?

For females below forty years of age, a condom is not a totally fool-proof safeguard from pregnancy, until it is coupled with other birth control options like intrauterine device or the pill.

Sterilization- Who is it suitable for?

Females over thirty-five years that have no intention on having children yet are fine with getting their menses are ideal candidates for sterilization. There are duo types of lasting sterilization.

Tubal ligation is an operative method wherein blockage of the fallopian tubes occurs by clamping, incising or cauterizing.

Essure is a comparatively new choice, least-invasive and entails placing a tiny metal insert for obstructing the fallopian tubes.

Sterilization – For what types of women is it contraindicated?

One needs to do some deep delving in the search for answers to hard-hitting queries like – in case one re-marries or ailing the loss of one’s sole child then one would like to avail the choice of bearing another child.

In case a woman is not totally certain then long-standing birth control options that could be reversed (like an intrauterine device) might be better.

Emergency Contraception – Who is it suitable for?

Emergency contraception or plan B employs an elevated progestin dosage for halting fertilization or ovulation or for preventing an egg following implantation to embed onto the uterine wall.

Emergency contraception is intended to be a back-up in case one has forgotten to use oral birth control method, have experienced an unfortunate condom breakage or spill outs among other malfunctions, or are apprehensive about an unanticipated conception for other reasons.

Similar to other birth control options, Plan B averts conception. Though Plan B is known as the morning after pill, it is effectual up to nearly 5 days post sexual contact. The quicker it is commenced, greater is its efficacy.

Contraceptive Skin Patch- Who is it suitable for?

The transdermal birth control patch is vastly effectual when it is used as per directions and has a malfunction rate analogous to contraceptive pills. Merely three from one thousand females using the patch precise as per directions for the year would conceive. By and large, nearly eight among one hundred women who use the patch conceive every year due to instructions on patch use not being properly followed.

It is important to seek medical advice regarding which day the patch must be used. It is generally advised that the foremost patch be applied on day one of the subsequent menses. In case the patch use is commenced on any other day then using a back up birth control for a week. The patch is to be started on a day that is not tricky to bear in mind and be affixed on lower portion of abs, butts or upper body excluding the breast area. A novel patch is applied once in seven days to be replaced with a new one at the end of a week. This is done for three weeks and one patch-free week when one gets a menstrual period.

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