Jun 7, 2010
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Birth Control Options for Women Over 30 – Part I

Have you become increasingly dissatisfied with your current birth control?  Are the side-effects too bothersome or one is not able to have a razor-sharp memory for popping the pill.

The issue is that going without any birth control options is not at all viable as despite getting old – approximately forty percent of conceptions in females in their forties are unintended.

Here is a compilation of the widely chosen birth control options that would help you better figure out which best suits you.

Combo Pill – Who is it suitable for?

Combo pill is one of those birth control options that could be tried by nearly all females. The fact is that there has been surmounting proof from various study findings that debunk several fallacies enveloping this ninety-nine percent effectual birth control method. The myth about combo pill bringing on menopause or raising the risks of developing certain types of cancers is totally untrue.

Combo pill could assuage niggling symptoms experienced during perimenopause such as hormone-related moodiness, erratic vaginal bleeding and hot flashes. Moreover, it might additionally assist in preventing cancer afflicting the ovaries and uterus.

Combo Pill: For what types of women is it contraindicated?

Women who suffer from migraine should ideally avoid combo pills as it is believed to activate headaches and increase chances of stroke among those ailing from migraine. Specialists are uncertain regarding the precise reason, however plummeting estrogen levels during the placebo week is suspected to be one of the reasons.

Women who smoke and over thirty-five years of age must ideally steer clear from this option since estrogen as well as smoking has been found to be causal to easier blood clotting.

Progestin-only Pill- Who is it suitable for?

Progestin-only pill is ideal for women who breastfeed (this orally taken birth control option would not affect milk production) or those women among whom estrogen-derived pills are contraindicated due to heart ailment or blood clotting risk or who engage in smoking. Similar to combo pill, this form of mini pill shields from pregnancy by releasing small hormone dosages, however it is free of estrogen. There is lesser failure rate in the progestin-only pill as compared to the combo-pill.

Progestin-only Pill- For what types of women is it contraindicated?

In case you are one of those who find it hard to follow schedules then you must think twice about choosing this option since progestin-only pills have to be taken during the analogous instant on a day-to-day basis for deriving its maximum efficacy. It advised that a back-up birth control option be used in case one has gone off track from the schedule.

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