Oct 21, 2010

Bowel & Bladder Development – Boys vs. Girls

No sooner has the infant been started on solid foods, one could expect nappies being soiled with lesser frequency. One would continually notice variations in a baby’s bowel movements with the digestive system maturing till ages 5 or 6 years. After the baby has started taking solids for a couple of months, many parents might feel it is only opportune that he/she also uses the potty, however avoid rushing. Infants who are permitted to attain bowel, bladder control in their own speed comprehend using the potty sooner. It is solely when parents start interfering with their kid’s stable progress by imposing timetable or having high expectations that matters tend to go askew. All infants born want to be clean & dry and it is up to the caretakers or parents to let them attain this milestone happily.

The resolution is inculcating ‘flexibility’ and at no instant pressurizing or scolding the child. Any success must be amply praised. Small boys could see their dads pass urine and learn from watching.

Kids who are pressurized into earlier training tend to be bed-wetters and engaging more in pica (consumption of stools or some non-victual matter) & soil more as compared to those developing at their own pace.

Bowel, Bladder Development in Girls

Control over bowel and bladder generally begins sooner and completed quicker among girls.

Preliminary Phases: Twelve to eighteen months

The foremost indication of bladder maturation is when the baby starts gesturing or making a sound indicating her awareness of passing urine. There is generally no indication of bowel control at this phase.

Mid Phases: Eighteen to Twenty-four months

Some day amid fifteen to eighteen months, the little girl might bring the potty to her parents and they might catch her just in time. By eighteen months till 2 years of age, one might spot a stool in the potty post-meal. She will let her parents know that she needs to use the potty & could wait for it. When the baby can manage waiting for 5 or more minutes then start using trainer pants through the day.

Later Phases: Two to 3.5 years

She will be clean & dry throughout the day and even continue exhibiting this behaviour during the night except for the odd blooper. Parents could start using trainer pants for their girls during night times.

Bowel, Bladder Development in Boys

Preliminary Phases: Eighteen months to 2.5 years

  • During this phase, little boys have zilch control. Their bladders have yet not matured and are incapable of holding urine for even a second’s time.
  • Little boys yet are incapable of waiting for their parents to get the potty subsequent to gesturing that urine has been passed.

Mid Phases: 2.5 to 3.5 years

  • During this phase, little boys can get their potties to their parents solely when they have ample control for holding on to their urine for 1-2 minutes.
  • The boy would come and notify his parents that he requires to use the potty however would yet have regular accidents.
  • Once the little one has started indicating that he could wait for a number of minutes & not before then parents could start using trainer pants for their boys solely in the day time.

Later Phases: 3.5 to 6 years

  • Boys in this age group might be clean during the day with some bloopers occasionally, though wet during the night times.
  • They are clean, with accidents during night or day times. When the child manages to stay dry through the day then get the child to wear trainer pants when he’s napping.
  • They are dry throughout the day however needing a nappy during the night.
  • They could manage to stay dry throughout the night with only some accidents occurring.
Tips for Introducing the Potty
  • Giving the child his/her own potty chair which is his/her lavatory. Letting the child see her parents use the loo and showing the child the outcomes in case he/she asks.
  • Letting the child be seated on the potty seat with clothes on when one reads a story out to him/her.
  • Slowly let the child get accustomed to being seated on the potty chair sans a nappy.
  • When the child wets the diaper, sitting the child in a gentle manner on the potty seat subsequent to having cleaned her while one collect fresh items.
  • When the child starts showing interest then letting him/her sit on the potty chair 2-3 times every day.
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