Feb 3, 2011

Breast Feeding Twins- Tips for Taking Challenges in Your Stride

Any mother of twins would wholeheartedly agree to the need for being doubly dedicated & putting in more effort in regards to breast feeding twins rather a sole infant. Also the responsibilities of breastfeeding duo little ones can overwhelm even the perseverant & buoyant of women. There are common worries that bog down mothers who nurse twins like would they be producing ample milk for nourishing both of them or have concerns about the extent of time that would be devoted towards nursing two babies & that one would never be getting any breaks from the ceaseless nursing duties. Weariness & feeds dedicate the proceedings of the day plus commonly experienced breastfeeding issues like nipple soreness or cracks, engorged breasts & lesser milk flow & worries of whether the little ones are obtaining ample to eat. Despite this, when planning is done well in advance for breastfeeding & getting assistance from the infant’s physician, lactation experts, kin & buddies following child birth, one could ably nurse while tiding over any challenge coming one’s way.

Here is important information about nursing twins that would clear any miasma.

Breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding twins which is more time-consuming

The analogous amounts of time would be taken to concurrently bottle feed twins similar to breast feeding them at the analogous instant. Still, in case of bottle feeds extra time would be needed to wash, sterilize nursing bottle, prepare & warm milk formulas. Also breastfeeding can save time as well as money for the mom.

Rigid vs. bendable breastfeeding schedules?

Flexibility in schedules is deemed optimal & to feed twins at the analogous instant is superlative economic usage of dear time. But, in twins – one might veer towards nursing in 3 hourly intervals while the other infant in 2 hourly intervals. Several moms feel that allowing the more famished one order the timing of the subsequent feed for both appears to be working finest. Breastfeeding on demand are followed by several moms in the day while schedules during nights.

What’s the best position for holding duo infants for nursing at the analogous instant?

Using bundled up towel or breastfeeding cushion for supporting the infants. One could purchase breastfeeding cushions created specially to nurse twins (NurseMate, EZ-2-Nurse Twins are quite popular choices due to their larger, firm-feel surface supporting duo infants at one instant which frees the mother’s hands for repositioning or burping the babies).

Breastfeeding positioning could be varied with the assistance of a cushion. For instance, one could alternate between cradle-holding pose (athwart the trunk) to football-holding pose (along the woman’s side) or one could deploy a combo of the duo. Alternating breasts is always better with each feed, particularly when one of the twins feeds strongly as comparison to the other. In case it is tricky in keeping tabs of which one was on which breast, then alternate breasts in twenty-four hour time interval rather than following every feeding. Switch backwards & forwards on a regular basis assists in producing analogous milk flow in duo breasts & lessening the possibility of milk duct blockages. When breasts are alternated it even assists the infants’ eyes in getting exercised & stimulated equally.

In case a mother has premature babies & one of them hospitalized for more time as compared to the other then she could concurrently nurse on one breast while pumping on the other for maintaining milk flow.

Tips to decipher whether twins are getting adequate milk

The rule of ‘demand-supply’ is pertinent to breastfeeding moms of twin babies too. Lesser milk flow could in most occasions be rectified by breastfeeding more frequently. In case the infants do not empty the breasts then breast pumps might become necessary to use. Also nursing moms must remember keeping ample water at reachable distance since oxytocin release during nursing could trigger thirst ever so often.

The extent of weight the infants are putting on is an indicator for a lactation consultant & doctor that they are obtaining ample milk. Usually, newly born infants would be losing amid five & nine percent of their body weight when born, prior to recovering it when they are fourteen days old. A minimum of one oz. daily weight gain by the 5th day following delivery must ideally occur in twins. In case of any concerns, visit a child specialist to get the twins weight checked.

Other indications that everything is going fine:
  • The twins are nursing in 2-3 hourly time intervals or a minimum of 8 times daily for the initial 2-3 weeks.
  • The twins are passing stool for minimum of 3 times daily & feces lighten in colour to yellow-mustard tone by the 5th day following delivery.
  • The twins gain one oz. daily by the 5th day post-delivery till a minimum of three months age.
  • The little ones are wetting 7-8 cloth diaper daily/ 5-6 disposable diapers. Due to the extra absorbency of disposable variety it can get tricky to find out when one is sodden. In case unsure, taking the diaper off & comparing how much it weighs to a dry one – wet diaper would be feeling somewhat heavy as compared to dry one. However, this must not be used as a means of determining if the infant is getting ample milk as dehydrated infants too would be wetting diapers. Feces & weight increase are the finest means of telling the overall health of the infants.
  • The sounds of the little ones ingesting milk when breastfeeding could be audible (particularly in silent surroundings).
  • Breasts feeling lesser heavy & more soft subsequent to breastfeeding.

At the onset, it might prove to be of assistance to maintain feed timing charts for noting down which infant was feeding on right/left breast & the number of sodden diapers each infants had.

Would nipple soreness be intolerably tender from breast feeding twins?

Nursing twins would not necessarily be increasing the likelihood of suffering from nipple soreness. Tenderness arises from flawed latch-on or positions, rather than the number of infants the mother is breastfeeding.

In case nipple soreness is experienced then treating them with a mix of pure lanolin (like PureLan 100) plus breast milk. Post-feed, some droplets of breast milk could be expressed & letting drying off for 5-10 minutes which helps in healing crack & obliterate bacterial presence. Now applying lanolin and not washing off to help in maintaining softness & suppleness of nipples.

Always remember taking breaks

The advice here is that breast feeding twins does not have to be done all the time and such mothers must be sleeping whenever their little ones doze off. Get help from whatever quarters one could – starting off with your partner. No sooner has nursing routines been well-set then do give yourself a good break by going out with your mate or buddy for a meal or some change from routine. Always, bear in mind, mothers you’ll had a life prior to becoming parents and it is time to be continuing what had to be set aside or abandoned for motherhood.

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