Nov 16, 2010
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Breastfeeding Advice For All Mothers – Part II

There are bound to be some hurdles encountered for a number of breastfeeding mothers, but the key is never giving up. Here are some handy tips for resolving any nursing hassles.

Learning about ways of milking the supply

Is less milk production a problem making you want to give up nursing? For stimulating milk supply ensure spending as long time as doable in bed with the infant, if possible bare skin on skin contact is the best breastfeeding advice for all moms. In case one pumps frequently & yet struggling with milk production problems then speaking to lactation consultants regarding innate cures such as lady’s thistle, fenugreek. Even though milk production is not meeting with demands then doing the best possible you can since any amount of breast milk is going to be immensely beneficial to the baby’s overall health.

Making Milk-Pumping possible during work

It can be rather gauche to pump milk during work hours, particularly when there is no specially designed area for doing it. Hence speaking to the senior in advance regarding the significance of planned breaks & sterile, private surroundings to pump milk. Also breastfeeding mothers could explicate to their supervisors or bosses that nursing an infant is bound to have a favourable impact work-wise too since a healthy infant translates to lesser absenteeism from work for tending to the sickly.

A couple of weeks prior to starting work, start to pump & store breast milk in the deep-freeze section for getting used to pumping. On joining work, pumping in 3 hourly time intervals for ten minutes employing a dual-electric hospital grading breast pump is one breastfeeding advice that would truly help. Another critical advice is to build a pump-affable closet like breastfeeding brassieres; duo-piece clothes which could be unbuttoned or removed without much discomfort at the waistline would make milk pumping simpler. Several mothers might also benefit from investing in hands free breast pumps so that their work could be done concurrently whilst milk pumping is being done.

Deploying Papas As Coaches

Dads can be fabulous helpers once the baby has arrived. Papa duties could range from reminding the new mother regarding what advice the lactation experts or nurse have given, helping out during odd hours of the night for tending to the infant when he/she awakens or fixing the mother with whatever is necessary during the times of need.

Promptly Getting Expert Assistance

Many mothers attribute their success of protracted breastfeeding to amazing support-system & breastfeeding plans. Finding lactation consultants with which one has compatibility with & could be depended upon is among the most vital breastfeeding advice for all moms. This translates to all – preliminary consulting, supply queries, doubts regarding medicines and others. Though there are attached costs yet it is lesser expensive as compared to formulas.

All breastfeeding mothers should be making a mental resolve to stay the course and being committed towards making it work irrespective of difficulties. One could not possibly become a specialist instantly. Mothers could attempt playing mild music & dimming the lighting for creating a tranquil setting for nursing.

Accepting that Breastfeeding Experience is Exceptional

Akin to other relationship in your life, nursing bond is dynamic – growing, developing & changing with time for meeting the requirements of a growing baby & the mother growing into her part as a breastfeeding mom. It is impracticable comparing one breastfeeding mom’s experiences to another one’s. It is all about celebrating times as a breastfeeding mom – with all the highs and lows, the long or succinct of it. It is a bond which is truly unparalleled.

Being Thankful for the reminiscences

One could identify mothers who have ably nursed by the manner in which they grin when remembering those unique moments. In spite of a tumultuous beginning & obstacles in the path, breastfeeding is definitely worthwhile. Once the child hits the 4-6 months age and one starts introducing foods, many moms feel sad that they no more are the only source of food. All breastfeeding mothers should be taking pride in the fact that they have provided nutrient rich breast milk to their little ones which cannot be ever matched by the finest of formulas.

Breastfeeding Advice For All Mothers – Part I

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