Feb 22, 2011
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Breastfeeding Tips for Big-Bosomed Mothers

Breastfeeding can pose unique challenges to large-busted females. Also contrary to popular belief that bigger the breasts, more the capability of producing milk; smaller-busted females too are equally able to furnish sufficient milk as the well-endowed ones.

Moms having bigger breast size (Double D or more) might uncover that they would need experimenting to some extent for finding positions & methods for more successfully breastfeeding.

Illustrated herewith are some handy breastfeeding tips for surmounting over several issues faced by these mothers.
  • Finding a proper-fitting breastfeeding brassiere is important. Females with smaller-sized breasts do not require that extent of supporting as bigger-busted ones hence locating one is of greater precedence for moms having bigger busts. Size of breasts would be increasing during gestational period, however by the final three months of pregnancy; most of the antenatal development has taken place & is the best time for purchasing breastfeeding brassiere. It is not possible to forecast precisely the extent to which your bosoms would grow when milk production begins, however one could approximate that one would be increasing a single or duo sizes cup-wise & band-wise. It might be helpful to procure back extender for usage in the final stages of gestation or the preliminary phases of engorged breasts, since they are easy in removing as breast sizes change. Pregnant women could also expect their ribcages expanding in the final months of gestation & extenders might assist one get greater comfort in such phase. Begin with procuring merely a few brassieres, & investing in more no sooner has initially experienced engorged breasts have reduced & one has reached one’s long-standing breastfeeding size. Good-quality breastfeeding brassieres are costly & one would not like ending up spending money on a rack full of brassieres which are not fitting any longer following the initial few weeks of breastfeeding. Also any under-wiring brassieres must be avoided in case doable, as they would be pressing against breast tissues & be causal to issues with duct plugging & mastitis, and even tight-fitting sports brassieres. Quite slack-fitting brassieres are additionally causal to issues for bigger-busted moms. Getting fitting from professionals would be the finest choice, though it is not doable at all times. Several maternity shops are not carring a vast array of sizes hence ordering them might be necessary, better still well before time for permitting time for returning them when ill-fitting is noted. Check out the link ‘birthandbaby.com’ for a wide-ranging array of fine brassieres of diverse brand & size types.
  • Experimenting with diverse positions is among the most crucial breastfeeding tips. The traditionally used cradle-hold is popularly deployed though the football-clutch usually would be working more in favour of big-breasted mothers. For such positioning, tucking the infant underneath the arm helps mother in ably controlling the infant’s head while he/ she would be latching on, alongside greater freedom of moving arms. Ensure using ample cushions for bringing the infant till the mother’s height instead of the mother leaning over the infant. Moreover supporting back using cushions would also be necessary & knees raised using footstools would additionally help. It is tricky in learning the right manner of positioning the infant by simply looking at books hence partake in meets of La Leche League for getting the opportunity of seeing the entire breastfeeding process in action in the presence of other moms. There are several recordings obtainable in video libraries that demonstrate the diverse positions which could be used while nursing the baby.
  • Ensure supporting breasts when breastfeeding deploying the ‘c’ clutch which is mostly effectual. The ideal c clutch entails the use of one’s outer hand (the hand on the analogous side you are breastfeeding from) for supporting the breasts. Putting palms in a gentle manner underneath the breasts while curving thumb about the upper & side to form the alphabet c. Ensure keeping fingers & thumbs properly at the back of the areolas since when fingers are positioned in such a manner, the infant is not capable of compressing the milk sinus in an effective manner thus causing tenderness and also keep the infant from getting the hind milk which is crucial for growth. Rolling up washcloths and then putting them underneath the breasts when breastfeeding offers added support which is needed solely to ensure proper latching on, or one might require supporting breasts all through the feed. No sooner does the infant grow bigger & develops improved control over muscles then that much support is not needed as in the onset.
  • Being heedful about proper latching on and ensure that ample extent of the areolas are inside the baby’s mouth & not merely the nipples. Milk storage is at the back of the areolas in pouches & compressing them is needed for effective breastfeeding. Infants have small oral areas & those moms with larger-sized areolas would need to ensure that the infant is opening widely (alike yawning) prior to pulling the baby in towards yourself for latching on. Majority of the areolas must be cased, however it is unnecessary for the infant to be taking it entirely into the mouth.
  • Massaging in a gentle manner whilst one nurses is an crucial breastfeeding advice for mothers. Bigger-busted females would be having additional tissue which could develop engorgement or lumpiness. Hence, massaging could aid in ensuring that adequate emptying of milk ducts occurs.
  • Setting up breastfeeding stations in those spots where one would spend protracted periods of time (generally bedrooms, living rooms). Getting whatever would be needed in one place so that moving around once settled would not be needed – like wipe, diaper, cushion, new clothing for changes, towels or cloth diapers to help with leakages or spitting ups, breastfeeding pad, changes for crib bed, water bottles, books for reading, remote-controls. Comfy recliners are the best invested items for nursing moms.
  • Attempt finding a way of breastfeeding whilst one is sleeping with the infant. Newly born infants would be breastfeeding amply in the nights & one would be getting ample rest when one learns about nursing in a comfy manner whilst one lies down. Mostly big-busted females would be finding it lesser trickier as compared to smaller-busted females in mastering this position.
  • Nursing discreetly while outdoors could be a challenge for many a mother, however particularly for bigger-busted females. In case the football clutch isn’t working to your favour then using diaper bags for resting the infant’s head.
  • Maintaining proper cleanliness of breasts is crucial since big-busted females have a greater likelihood of facing issue with irritated skin or infection because of skin creases under the breast areas like heat rashes, yeast aggravating due to dampness. Hence, remember washing the breast areas everyday using water (rather than soaps) & drying them properly, being especially heedful of the region under the breasts. Using hair dryers set to cool for ensuring proper drying of the breasts, particularly in tepid climatic conditions.
  • Those who opt for breast pumps must have knowledge that flange, breast shield is created for avg. size breasts and females with big busts or areolas might require a bigger flange.
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