Feb 15, 2011
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Breech Baby – Safe, Natural Techniques to Change Presentation

Generally some weeks pre-delivery, majority of the infants would be moving into birthing position head nearing birth canal. When this doesn’t occur, the infant’s butts &/or feet would be positioned for delivery first known as breech presentation.

Breech baby cases arise in one from twenty-five full-term deliveries and in trio kinds of presentations:

Complete Breech Butts are downwards faced, feet close to butts and cross-legged at knees.

Frank Breech The infant’s butts are directed towards the birthing canal & legs sticking straight up to the fore of the body. Feet are close to the head.

Footling Breech or Incomplete Breech A single or duo of the baby’s feet point downwards & would be coming out firstly.

Though majority of the breech infants are delivered in sound health, but they are at a greater risk for experiencing particular conditions or complications as compared to infants delivered crown-first. Also birthing anomalies are somewhat prevalent among breech babies.

The ideal time to attempt at turning a breech baby is amid thirty-two to thirty-seven weeks of gestation.

Here are some innate approaches that are often adopted for changing presentation of a breech baby.

  • This is one trick that is quite popularly used by midwives – lying down at a thirty degrees inclination, head placed downwards & feet upwards for thirty minutes two times daily. Ironing boards placed upon sofa seats are ideal for this position wherein head would be placed down on the ground & feet placed upwards on the sofa’s end.
  • Or try the breech tilt by raising hips twelve inches or thirty centimetres away from the ground deploying big-sized, firm cushions thrice everyday for ten to fifteen minutes at an instant. This must be ideally done empty-stomached & while fetus is not inactive. However, one should be concentrating on the infant & not to tense the body, particularly the abdomen. One could additionally try to move a torch in a gradual manner downwards starting at the upper uterine region towards the pubis bone whilst in the breech tilt pose.
  • It is well-known that infants are capable of hearing sound outside the uterus hence several females have made use of music or recorded tunes of their voices in an attempt at moving the fetus in the direction of noises. Placing headphones on the lower abdominal area or when one plays music or voices have helped in encouraging infants in veering toward them & coming into favourable positioning.
  • Or getting on your fours, forearms placed on the ground to the fore of yourself so that your butts jut out mid-air and staying in this pose for 5 to fifteen minutes.
  • One could additionally place heating pads on the lower abdominal area & iced packs where the foetal head is on the upper abdominal area. Fetuses have a preference to heat rather than chilly & might be turning to evade the coldness.
  • The use of moxibustion, a primeval Chinese method wherein herbs are burnt for stimulating main points of acupressure. To aid in turning a breech baby, acupuncturists or other practitioners burn mugwort in close proximity to the acupressure point on the smallest toes on the mother’s feet. As per TCM, doing so helps in stimulating the foetal activity sufficient to promote changing his/ her positioning.
  • A small-scaled trial noted that females that underwent regular hypnosis at thirty-seven to forty weeks of gestation had a greater likelihood of having their foetuses turning as compared to other females. Those keen only this approach must get in touch with experienced hypnotherapists.
  • It has been suggested that women with breech presentation spend fifteen minutes in two-hourly time intervals in the knee-trunk pose which helps in turning breech babies – also known as Elkins manoeuvre.
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