Aug 19, 2010

The Novel Strong Fertility Ball Yoga Method – Part II

Actress cum yoga teacher for over two decades, Brenda Strong has outlined several fertility improving postures which are each 2-5 minutes lasting and a total of ten exercises that are to be done in a sequenced pattern. It is advised that each of these poses are to be done in a more gradual way for females who are attempting conception.

Outlined herewith are some of these postures that are part of the Strong Fertility Ball Yoga Method that Brenda has devised for using with the fertility ball.

Uttanasana Pose

Uttanasana or forwards fold pose involves the use of fertility ball for activating the ‘Spleen Chi 10’ which is among the key acupressure points that increases microcirculation of blood to the vital reproductive organs.

The pose aids in balancing hormonal levels and bathing the gland with pure, oxygen-filled blood. It is an inversion pose that overturns the gravity on the organs, lengthening the spinal area thus promoting enhanced blood supply to the whole body.

Viparit Karni (usage of duo fertility balls)

Placement of duo fertility balls are done on the sacroiliac or SI joints which is employed during acupressure for stimulating the nerve supply that are responsible for feeding the reproductive organs.

In the Viparit Karni pose, placement of the pelvic region is beneath the legs which promote venation in pooling in the loch of the pelvic area which helps to bathe the reproductive system, calms the cardiovascular system and soothes the nervous system.

Half Shouldered Stand with Fertility Ball at Mount

Deemed the superlative of all postures for its fostering effects especially on the thyroid functioning. The reproductive system constituents get a fresh lease of blood flow and additionally the favourable gravitational stretching. It is a pose not to be done in the initial 3 days of periods or when a woman is hyper-stimulated. It is the ideal pose to do post sexual intercourse as it ensures the sperms stay inside in the best possible positioning to allow egg being fertilized.

Seated Sukhasana

It is a posture which has multiple health benefits. Placement of the fertility ball in-between the seated bones on the perineal floor helps in activating the acupressure point ‘Ren Mai 1’ which rouses the complete body. Physiologically, the pose helps in engaging connective tissues in perineal and pelvic floor, augmenting blood supply and unblocking hurdles which have arisen emotionally or mentally which impede a woman’s capability of softening and receiving.

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