Dec 1, 2010
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Cabin Fever Fighting Tips – Fun-Filled Indoors Winter Activities

Are you already bogged down by the grim wintry weather? It could be tough to keep little munchkins occupied when the parks, playgrounds & courtyard are beyond limits.

So, here are some great boredom-busting, real-momma, television-free, cabin fever-fighting tips for kids to have a fun-filled time indoors.

Winter Fun Activity #1: Showery Craft

Parents could keep some older shower curtains aside that make the right constituent for those days when one cannot go outdoors.

  • Putting children in older clothing or stripping the kid to just the diaper on.
  • Now mixing together some canisters of shaving cream plus edible food colours & allow the child to do some painting on the curtains, on one another or their own body.
  • These wash-off without much discomfort while showering & is a great time-killer.
Winter Fun Activity #2: Ready-Steady-Go

Just chill out about wild regulations and allow the children to have sprinting race up-&-down hallways at home. Doing so would help in expending the child’s energy during the chilly months.

Winter Fun Activity #3: Crawling about

Pop up tunnel for little kids are an endless source of distraction for them and they never seem to tire out of crawling inside them.

Winter Fun Activity #4: Unearthing Treasures

Treasure hunt is a great activity to keep kids busy. Simply hiding some item & let the kid search its location. Even scavenger-hunting would be equally engaging.

Winter Fun Activity #5: Impersonate Momma

Many children like doing exactly what their mothers do. So, go ahead and exploit this interest by handing over swiffers to little ones. Doing so will not just get rid of the dust-bunnies but also keep the child occupied.

Winter Fun Activity #6: Board Games Mania

How about board games marathon to beat cabin fever signs? It can be really enjoyable for parents and kids alike.

Winter Fun Activity #7: Home video games galore

Wii are the hottest home-video gaming console that is ideal for individuals across all ages.

Winter Fun Activity #8: Sorting Soiree

Simply hand over the child small containers filled with bean, dried pastas & spoons & let them segregate these out in a pot.

Winter Fun Activity #9: D.I.Y. Puppet Shows

One could make puppet theatres from boxes and the child could make the hand-puppets from older sock & using sticker for making the facial features.

So, go ahead and try these cabin fever staving tips to keep the winter fun quotient high.

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