May 6, 2010
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7 Common Causes of Miscarriage

Early pregnancy failure is so prevalent that several gynecologists deem them as a regular part of reproduction, though it does not make the loss any less heart rendering.

Here are 7 prevalent causes of miscarriage (single as well as recurrent type).

Chromosomal Anomalies

Erroneously matched chromosomes constitute for a minimal of sixty percent of all miscarriage cases. Chromosomes are the small structures in every cell which are carriers of genes. There are twenty-three sets present; one pair from the mother’s side and the one pair from the father’s side. At times, when egg and sperm unite, due to a flaw in either of them, proper lining of chromosomes is not possible leading to a chromosomal irregularity and the conception leading to a miscarriage. Often a couple would go through 2 or more miscarriages successively only to find out at the time of medical testing about the presence of chromosomal abnormalities which are thwarting pregnancy but has not affect on them.

Anomaly in Uterus and Inept Cervix

In case a woman has abnormal shape or division in the uterus (known as uterine septum) then miscarriage could occur due to the embryo not being able to embed or once it has embedded, fails in getting essential nutrient supply requisite for its survival. Abnormalities in the uterus are one of the causes of miscarriage that constitute for approximately ten percent of all early pregnancy failure cases. An undermined or inept cervix is another issue which could cause miscarriage since by the conclusion of the initial trimester of pregnancy; fetal growth would be to that extent that cervix would start to swell. In case the cervix is undermined then it would be incapable of holding the fetus.

Immunological Conditions

By and large, an egg following fertilization would convey a signal to the mother about not treating it alike a microbe and conception would take place without any episode. But in a number of cases, the woman’s body has antiphospholipid antibody types which assault the body’s own tissues inclusive of the embryo – thus accounting for several miscarriages which doctors earlier thought to be inexplicable.

Unmanaged Condition like Thyroid Issues (hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism)

Unmanaged illnesses like thyroid issues, diabetes have been linked with undesirable environment in the uterus due to which the embryo’s survival chances are compromised.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

Females having PCOS have elevated testosterone (male hormone) levels that amongst other matters lead to erratic ovulation and menstrual cycles. Among non-diabetic women, PCOS could cause insulin resistance thus preventing proper maturation of the endometrial lining. It has been estimated that PCOS is found in 5-10% of women in their child-bearing age.

Bacterial Infections

Bacterial infections could be one of the causes of miscarriage which could also elicit several other health issues. Though the body has several healthy bacteria present in the reproductive tract of both genders, but certain forms like ureaplasma urealyticum and mycoplasma hominis existing in the genital tract of both sexes could augment miscarriage chances. Among females, these bacterial forms could cause uterine lining inflammation thus making embryo development difficult. Presence of these bacteria generally does not cause any symptoms to the person and would solely be identified by undergoing testing.

Harmful Habits

Nicotine has been found to permeate the placental lining and impede blood supply and fetal development. Women who engage in smoking augment their risk of miscarriage by two folds. Consuming over 2 alcoholic drinks per day has also been found to be linked to miscarriages. Use of recreational drug types while a woman attempts conception or during gestational period is another reason. Also females working in particular surroundings like farm, operation theatre, dental office and hospital labs have a greater rate of miscarrying for unidentified reasons.

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