Jul 5, 2011
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Child Health: How to Increase Your Child’s Appetite

Are you having a tough time feeding your child? Majority of the mothers have to go through similar phases. They take their child to the doctors, give them medicines a prescribed by the doctor and still fail to increase the appetite of the kids. Bringing in some simple changes in the eating habit and lifestyle of the little ones might increase their appetite. Below we have presented some tips that may help you in increasing your kid’s appetite.

  1. The meals must be taken on regular schedule.
  2. Foods must be served in small quantities. Never serve all the dishes at a time. Serve a dish when the child finishes eating one completely.
  3. The type of foods served should not be same every day. You must continue to change the menu of meals everyday according to the preferences of your child. However, make sure to add taste to the foods, you don’t end up reducing their nutritional values. Other than that, you will also need to pay equal attention to the presentation of the food. Garnish every dish creatively using cheese, fruits, nuts etc depending on the taste and type of food you are serving.
  4. Allow your child to take 30-40 minutes for finishing every principle meal of the day i.e. lunch, dinner and breakfast.
  5. Never force your kids to eat; if they tell you that they are not feeling like eating anything. They will surely ask for food when they’ll feel hungry.
  6. Never scold the little ones during the mealtime. If your child has appetite problems, never try to teach him table manners; he will automatically develop the required table manners once he will start liking his food.
  7. Make sure that your child does not consume too much snacks and carbonated beverages between meals. Children feel hungry only if they stay without munching anything for two hours before principle meals.
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