Mar 17, 2011
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Choosing the Sex of Your Baby – How Far Will You Go?

Majority of the parents are so gratified on having a baby in good health that the gender doesn’t seem to matter. However, there is another group of couples that so desperately want a girl or boy that they would leave no leaf unturned towards achieving it. Usually, the patient base is of duo types – the foremost one being couples having a number of kids of the analogous gender & keen on experiencing a baby of the other gender. The other group are couples needing advanced fertility therapy for conceiving who feel that in case they really need to be going through it all then they might as well be taking the extra step.

In the United Kingdom selecting the gender of your baby is permissible solely on medical grounds like evading gender-linked genetic conditions. However, no one could stop clinics from sending patients abroad for a therapy which would be otherwise forbidden here.


Via a method known as Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) which is conducted at the time of in-vitro fertilization, hopeful parents could pick the gender of their baby with nearly one hundred percent precision. Cynics state that it would basically entail physicians who play Almighty & another leap in the direction of designer infants wherein parents would be in a position to choose the physical attributes of their children like how tall, colour of eyes & mane.

The U.S. is among the much sought after destinations for sex selection tourism where Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis is legalized in nearly all places. The PGD process could be easily arranged sans the requirement for any medical referrals in the U.S.

PGD has been found to meet with greater success & is a costly option as compared to the others. It entails a cycle of usual in-vitro fertilization wherein stimulation of the body is done with potent medications so that many eggs are created. On maturation their retrieval from the body is done & then coalesced with the mate’s sperm in a laboratory. Following 72 hours, testing of the embryos are done & researchers would be analysing the chromosomes for identifying gender. In this method, solely embryos of the sought-after sex are placed back into the uterus. The surplus embryos are either disposed off or placed in freeze or deployed for imminent usage or also donations to barren couples are done.

PGD could be adding many thousands of dollars to the expenses of in-vitro fertilization.

Sperm Spinning

This method has lesser reliability and is working on the belief that sperms that will be creating a baby girl are bulkier as compared to those creating a baby boy. Deploying a method known as Flow Cytometry, the sperm sorting is done according to size which leaves duo separate sets.

Once sorted, the sperm believed to be having maximum capability of producing the desired sex of the baby is then placed inside the uterine region via a method known as IUI or intrauterine insemination wherein direct sperm deposition is done inside the uterine region during ovulation. The chances of conception truly taking place are approximately analogous as in any set month of having tried to get pregnant innately. The therapy enhances the probability of creating an infant of the needed sex from fifty percent to sixty-five percent. Practitioners point out that this technique is rather uncomplicated and involving hardly any or no medications necessary & at a comparatively decent cost. However with a rather lesser rate of conception success & a thirty-five percent likelihood of infant of the unwanted gender, parents could yet be ending up let down.

Innate Baby-Making Approaches

Certainly, couples have been trying innate approaches for conceiving a male or female baby since long and trying out whatever it takes from dietetic intakes to sex positions. A hypothesis called as the Shettles Method indicates that people must time sex meticulously. To get a female baby, couples must engage in sex some days pre-ovulation and for getting a male baby having sex on the day of ovulation or a day later. Backers assert it to be having seventy-five to ninety percent efficacy.

A trial indicated that females consuming calorie-dense dietetic intake – inclusive of ample of banana- have a tendency of conceiving a boy.

Other really primeval tactics deployed were having sexual intercourse during full-moon day, during even days of a month, remembering to sleep to the left-side of your partner after. To increase your chances of getting a boy, women must be pointing their crowns northwards when having sex, under a first/ last quarter-moon, subsequent to the male partner having consumed a red meats meal.

No figures are obtainable on how successful such unconventional techniques are, however lesser costlier & debatable choice in comparison to latest science.

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