Apr 28, 2010

Fuss-Free Tactics for Instilling Cleanliness in Toddlers

Cleanliness in Girls
  • Girls are innately picky and one could take benefit of this as one teaches the child how to keep good personal hygiene.
  • Letting the child brush her hair by herself; she would prefer that and it would mean she could get to select her choice of hairstyles, ribbon, slide or hair bands.
  • Letting her have her own special face cloth, soap dish and wipe towel; she would feel pride that she owns particular items or objects.
  • Allowing your girl child to massage baby lotion into her skin post-bathing.
  • Teaching the child the right way of changing her undergarments and socks on a day-to-day basis.
  • Providing the girl her own laundry basket which she could use for discarding her own sullied clothing.
Cleanliness in Boys
  • Boys generally exhibit resistance to washing tasks and one would have to spend a whole lot of time to remind the child about washing and brushing.
  • Making bathing times as much pleasurable as doable by making use of amusements in the form of playthings or toys, games and loads of suds.
  • Spending some amount of time to show the child the right way of washing and doing it numerous times in case required.
  • Try not to be overly finicky regarding cleanliness; in case he is in the midst of a game and waiting till he is ready to get hand washing completed.
  • Allowing the child to independently wash himself as soon as he could make an effort and then cleaning him scrupulously yourself at the final moment.
  • Encouraging everyday changing of under-pants and socks.
  • Giving the child his own laundry tub and encouraging the child to fill it.
Hair Care

A mane of hair necessitates regular rinsing and few kids like the process and the following tips could be followed to lessen the chances of problems.

  • Keeping hair at a shorter length which is easier in maintaining.
  • In case the child really detests hair washing then let him choose if he wants to hold his head back or forwards during hair rinsing or letting him hold the shower hose and wetting his hair.
  • Using a sting-free shampoo and getting a halo-similar guard that would help in keeping water and suds from entering his eyes.
  • Offering a special game when the hair washing has been concluded or even getting into the bath yourself and allowing the child in washing your hair in return for you having washed his hair.
  • It is a good idea to include a nail cutting session post-bath time once a week as they are easier to clip during that time since they are soft by them.
Pet Hygiene
  • Always try stopping the child from kissing pets, particularly close to the mouth and nose.
  • Encouraging the child to rinse his hands subsequent to having played with pets – particularly prior to handling or consuming foods.
  • Ringworm is an infectious skin condition that could be contracted from pets and it mostly afflicts children. Fleas and worms could be easily prevented by habitual usage of preventative treatments on the pets.
  • In case the pet is having an infection then treating it swiftly and keeping the child away from the pet till one is sure that the treatment has been effective.
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