Aug 1, 2010

Olympian Momspiration Dara Tores Advice on Pregnancy Swimming

Nowadays greater stress is been laid on exercising and being physically fit and it appears remarkable that merely two decades back, physicians recommended expectant mothers to rest and curb exercising during pregnancy. The juror is in, and physicians presently suggest exercising being favourable for maternal-fetal health – antenatal and post-partum.

Swimming is among the finest exercises for pregnant women since it is forgiving on the gestation- susceptible joints, the cool waters preventing one from over-heating and the buoyant nature of water allaying gravity-induced stress on the additional bearing a pregnant woman carries.

Olympic gold medal winner (in her forties) and mother Dara Torres is a live testimony to the marvellous benefits of swimming for an expectant woman’s body or for any person’s body. Dara confesses that she swam during pregnancy and observed that swimming truly was a life-saver for her when jogging, pilates or karate were no more an option. Dara in fact continued to do swimming till the day prior to her delivery date and strongly feels that swimming has been the key reason for helping her stay in-shape and have an uncomplicated delivery.

Dara is a sportsperson with an awesome body who had piled on thirty-six pounds when pregnant, however managing to shed it all in just the initial two to three weeks post-delivery. And the cherry on the cake, is that she even set a record of being the oldest swimmer in history to be an Olympic winner of a medal at forty-one years of age during the 2008 Olympic Games held in Beijing. A Truly inspirational role model for all mommas-to-be.

Speaking in detail about the extent of swimming or training she did during pregnancy to stay in shape, Dara states that she did swimming and gestation-safe lifting exercises thrice or four times per week during pregnancy. She engaged in training right till the day prior to her delivery date. Swimming is an ideal workout which enhances general health for the mother and baby.

About losing the baby-weight in just two to weeks post-delivery, Dara gives full credit to swimming to help her maintain ideal weight and was dedicated enough to hit the gym 1 and ½ week following childbirth.

Dara strongly recommends swimming to all mothers-to-be since it is a low-impact exercise and a better alternative to running or any high-impact exercising during gestation. She also points out that swimming really helped in allaying morning sickness during pregnancy.

Dara’s advice to all Non-Olympian Mothers-to-be who are keen on staying fit during and post gestation is to not begin workout no sooner has one found out about one’s pregnancy. She believes that it is necessary to maintain one’s everyday regime however doing so in moderation. It is important to certainly seek medical opinion prior to starting any exercises and what is deemed risk-free for that particular individual.

In spite of the fact that chlorine does smell noxious and horrible, there is dearth of decisive study about the likely detrimental side-effects of chlorine on gestation.

Innate, chlorine-free pools are ideal exemplars of bio-mimetic design, however quite tricky to spot swimming pools that are created with this kind of innate system. Also, being in a non-chlorinated pool could place a person at a greater risk of acquiring infections as compared to a chlorinated pool.

Hence, it would appear that the well-known positive aspects linked to swimming during pregnancy definitely prevail over the likely potential harmful chlorine side effects. Hence, go ahead, throw on some goggles and swimwear and dive right in.

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