Aug 9, 2011
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Dealing with Milk Rash and Milk Allergy in Babies

Milk rash in babies can be dMilk rash in babiesefined as red and spotty facial rashes that mainly appear during the initial few months of the baby’s life. In majority of the cases, these rashes subside without any major medical intervention. Often doctors use the term ‘milia’ to describe milk rashes in babies. The more precise definition of milia is small and white colored bumps on the skin of the baby that resemble the appearance of pimples significantly. Milias are generally harmless and mostly appear on the nose, cheeks and forehead of the baby. In rare cases the baby might also develop the bumps on his limbs and trunk. The baby will definitely get rid of these bumps within 2 to 4 weeks, if his skin is kept dry and clean.

Skin rashMilk allergy symptoms in babieses in the babies might also indicate occurrence of allergic reactions due to the proteins present in cow’s milk. In such cases mostly, the rashes are accompanied by other allergy symptoms like bloody stool, hives, colic, vomiting, diarrhea, failure in gaining weight etc. If you find any of the above mentioned allergy symptoms in your baby along with the skin rashes, you must get him checked for allergy immediately.

If the doctor finds that the symptoms are appearing for showing up an allergic reaction towards milk, all the dairy products must be eliminated from the baby’s diet plan. In case you are breastfeeding the baby, you should stop consuming all dairy products if your baby is diagnosed to be suffering from a milk allergy. As you are eliminating dairy products from your diet, you must ensure that you are getting the required quantity of calcium from other food varieties like green and leafy vegetables, soy products etc. Calcium is essential for promoting milk production in nursing mothers. Babies who eat baby formula must shift to a hypoallergenic formula once diagnosed with milk allergy. A hypoallergenic formula although based on cow’s milk is made using predigested proteins.

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