Mar 24, 2011

Diaper Rash Cream – How to Prepare at Homemade

For all those who strongly believe in innate cures, frugal ‘do-it-yourself’ outlook & in general are attempting to find balance as innate, non toxic parents here is some handy advice on preparing a 100% innate diaper rash cream. This could be slathered over any indication of reddishness, for added shielding, during night times & excursions – when frequent changing of the little one might not be possible.

Salve for Diaper Rashes

The formula is basically for a non petroleum jelly, simpler in making as compared to a cream & having lesser constituents. One could be using any plants-based oils that one prefers. Olive oil is used here as it is affordable and apparently a good choice. For making approximately two oz. of salve that could be lasting for one to two months, one would require the following ingredients:

  • Two oz. olive oil
  • Half oz. bee wax or around two tbsp. post-grating
  • Vitamin E in capsular form with inner constituents pinched out
  • Six droplets grapefruit seeds extracts (elective as stabilizer)
  • A smallish container
  • Double-saucepan
  • Wire whisker, electrical mixer or hand
  • Spatula
Method of Preparation
  • In case one does not have a double-saucepan then ensure preparing the formula in a vessel that could be easily scraped out from.
  • Firstly pouring the olive oil onto the top of the double-saucepan placed on the least heat.
  • Now adding somewhat lesser grate of bee wax than what has been indicated & stirring till it softens.
  • Now the trickier section of the preparation is testing the consistency of the mix by placing a miniscule quantity onto a tsp. & then refrigerating it for a minute’s time. In the interim, the salve formula must be placed on least heat over the gas.
  • Following a minute’s time, the salve formula would set to its final thickness – checking it – ideally its firmness must be such that it wouldn’t be melting on touching it, though soft to the extent that one could remove out some from the spoon using fingers (similar to petroleum jelly). In case it is quite firm then adding additional oil and in case of excess soft-consistency then addition of more bee wax is warranted. Once a preferred consistency has been attained then taking off from the stove & adding extracts of grapefruit seeds & vitamin E and mixing it thoroughly till a smooth consistency and then pouring it into a bottle & allow cooling.
Herbal Salve for Diaper Rashes

Infusing the oil ahead of time is necessary when one plans on making an herbal adaptation of the salve.

  • For doing this, just filling a mini air-tight container with preferred herb like calendula, Comfrey, German chamomile.
  • Filling the container to the top with the oil & sealing it tight.
  • Now upturning the container and setting it on a rug in a region which is well-lighted though not getting excessively warm.
  • Once seven days have gone by then straining out the herb forms & storing in a cool, arid area till used as a salve or multipurpose baby skin care application.

The just mentioned formula utilizes grapefruit seeds extracts as a stabilizer & could even assist in minimizing bacterial formation & growth in the diaper region. Alternatively, one could even deploy a combo of vitamins C, A in powdered form alongside vitamin E oil.

Alterations for Preparation of Diaper Rashes Cream

For preparing the cream one would require including oil which stays firm in room temperatures. Rather than using duo oz. olive oil, substituting two and a half oz. each of olive oil & cocoa butter/ coconut oil or other preferred oil. Once wax has melted then take off from the stove & adding four oz. filtered water prior to mixing. Alternatively, include a tbsp. or duo of zinc oxide in powdered form.

Ideally for newly born babies, pure olive oil is the superlative choice after which transitioning to salve after some weeks have gone by is recommended. The blackish poop that newly born babies pass is rather gluey & tricky in cleaning. By using olive oil all over the region following diaper-changes it provides a fine coat, protects skin & simplifies cleaning for the subsequent diaper change.

For the sake of the infant’s health, it is best to opt for green choice of plants-based oil rather than minerals-based one. (Note: even petroleum jelly has mineral petroleum presence). Opt for olive, almonds oil or any food based oil that are best for the infant’s skin.

Diaper rash prevention
  • Always wiping subsequent to sodden changes to ensure that the region is cleansed. Urine has a mix of acids that could mix together with the contents of the feces to cause rashes.
  • Use innate fiber diapers to permit the region in breathing & avert trapping dampness.
  • Protect the skin’s surface with a totally innate salve.
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