Apr 5, 2011

Early Signs of Autism to Watch For In Your Baby

Studies have begun divulging that early signs of autism could commence virtually birth-onwards (a latest trial linked the atypical developmental condition to erroneous cells in the maternal placenta).

As per a recently conducted nationwide assessment, 1 from 175 children has autism. Although majority of the children are not identified till they are two years old or more, trials reveal that several of them are exhibiting signs & symptoms quite early on. Are you worried that your baby could be autistic? Be vigilant about his/ her behaviour.

Caveat Indications of Early Signs of Autism

Here is a listing of likely warning early signs of autism which doctors might deploy for determining whether your kid’s development is warranting additional tests. One needs to bear in mind that panicking must be avoided in case your baby is exhibiting one or duo signs & symptoms occasionally, though one must be alerting one’s child specialist whenever one notices any of the below mentioned signs.

Delivery onwards till Two Months of Age
  • The infant is not waking up on his own from slumber to nurse.
  • The baby doesn’t make regular eye contact.
  • The baby isn’t looking about at individuals or items in the surroundings.
  • The baby is gazing at your chin or oral area instead of your eyes.
  • The baby is exhibiting unusual quietness or excess crying sans any noticeable cause.
Three to Five Months
  • He/ she is avoiding eye contact.
  • He/ she does not smile at you & the sounds of your voice.
  • The baby isn’t imitating noises (by five months of age).
Six Months
  • The infant doesn’t laugh.
  • Your 6-month-old child isn’t smiling back at you or appears to enjoy interactions.
  • The infant is also not expressing himself/ herself in the regular infant ways – like coo when he/ she is content or cry when he/ she is not.
  • At about eight months of age, your baby doesn’t follow your stare while you are looking away from him/ her in the direction of anything else.
Nine Months to a Year
  • The baby isn’t showing apparent indications of any attachments to a preferred grown-up or caretaker.
  • He/ she isn’t responding on calling his/ her name.
  • He does not babble.
  • Your one-yr-old baby might be showing the analogous signs & symptoms as that just mentioned in six months & even might not be responding to his/ her name being called, clapping when you’re doing or pointing at what catches his/ her interest.
  • The 1-yr-old baby has not started waving bye or fails to follow a point like look towards anything one points to.
Sixteen Months to 2 Years
  • By sixteen months of age, the baby doesn’t have any words.
  • By eighteen months of age, the baby does not point to anything which interests him.
  • By two years of age, the child still doesn’t have duo-word phrases that make sense.
  • At any stage, the child appears to have lost any of his/ her skills that were earlier mastered.

In case this is sounding known to you then discuss with your child specialist – however, one needs to be aware that such delays do not, at all times, translate to your child being autistic. These might hint towards a lesser grave problem –a speech-related issue or delays which are self-resolving with passage of time.

In case it is signaling to autism, the positive aspect about it is that children identified & given treatment & assistance earlier on have a tendency of doing finest later on in learning communication, socializing & functioning in mainstream classroom settings.

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