May 17, 2010

Eight Early Signs of Pregnancy

Several obstetricians believe that it is best that pregnancy be suspected even when birth control has been used since nothing apart from abstinence is cent percent safe. The sooner one knows, more improved antenatal care could be taken like making lifestyle modifications that involve halting intake of alcoholic drinks, nicotine, caffeine and sushi. Also the use of prenatal vitamins is a must alongside stopping the intake of particular medicines that are being taken for other conditions which might be contraindicated during pregnancy.

The 8 early signs of pregnancy to be watchful about include:

1. Exhaustion

Intense, inexplicable weariness are possibly one of the early signs of pregnancy. Feelings of fatigue should never be treated with excess caffeine intake in case there is a likelihood of a woman being pregnant. As an alternative approach, listening to one’s body, trying to rest and taking it easy are recommended.

2. Averse reactions to particular victuals

Sights or thoughts of a particular type of food could gag several pregnant women who have cited extreme food repugnance which is one of the foremost signs of early pregnancy. This occurs due to the body producing surging beta- hCG hormone. Not much could be done apart from evading triggers.

3. Sensitiveness to odors

Unpleasant smells such as cigarette smoke, even pleasant ones like scents could trigger gagging at the onset of pregnancy. In a number of women, this could be a clue that they have conceived. This sign could be a consequence of augmenting hormone levels and the best solution would be avoiding them wherever possible, particularly cigarette smoke that is detrimental to maternal-fetal health.

4. Feeling Nauseous and puking

Surging hormonal levels during early pregnancy could trigger feeling nauseous or puking which are indicative of a conception. By twelfth week of gestation these signs mostly subside and the positive aspect about morning sickness is the surging beta-HCG hormone levels which are a sign of developing pregnancy. The best way of tackling these niggling signs is to eat in an offensive rather than defensive manner. Never being on an empty stomach and munching on crackers just prior to getting up at dawn. Since prenatal vitamins could elicit feeling nauseous in some pregnant mothers hence not taking them on an empty stomach and ideally taking them during dinner or at night.

5. Sore and swollen breasts

One of the early signs of pregnancy is alteration in the way the breast appear and feel. Getting a better fit bra would help allay breast soreness.

6. Recurrent Urination

During early gestational period, the growing uterus exerts pressure on the bladder which triggers need for urination. This feeling generally subsides in the middle trimester and then recurring in the final trimester due to the uterine enlargement and the fetal head exerting pressure on the bladder. Despite visiting the toilet prior to bedtime, a minimal of one loo-break would still occur during nighttime.

7. Breathing Distress and Succinctness

Several females experience briefness of breaths during their pregnancy due to the requirement of additional oxygen of a developing fetus. This sign could often worsen as the pregnancy progresses. However, in case there is abrupt inception of shortened breath which is not linked to exercising and accompanied with pains or aggravating when one lies down then these signs are indications of something grave.

8. Physical alterations

In case a woman is doubtful of pregnancy due to unprotected sex then it is important to visit a physician who would be able to identify any alterations in vaginal color and cervical softness at the time of a pelvic examination.

Despite all the above being among the foremost indications of pregnancy they could additionally be due to other reasons like premenstrual syndrome or PMS. A skipped menstrual period is the most tell-tale and surest of all signs of pregnancy in case of those women having regularly occurring periods.

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