Nov 2, 2010

Ectopic Pregnancy Diagnosis

In a major advancement, a blood test has been devised by scientists for spotting ectopic pregnancy that can aid in salvaging fertility of scores of females.

The blood test is capable of diagnosing the life-menacing condition within twenty-four hours rather than a number of weeks presently taken for test results in coming out.

This discovery will facilitate physicians in intervening sooner for saving reproductive organs that mostly face severe damage due to presence of ectopic pregnancy diagnosis.

Ectopic pregnancy is the result of foetal implantation not occurring within the uterus and generally in any of the fallopian tubes. In such scenarios, saving the infant’s life is not possible, however in case ectopic pregnancies are not identified timely it could even be life-threatening to such mothers – there are around 5 of these fatalities occurring in Britain annually.

Around 1 in eighty conceptions are ectopic which has risen to 1 in sixty among females in their thirties however the numbers of such cases has tripled in the past two decades. Specialists deem that these cases are the result of an increasing trend of postponing maternity.

In case the foetus is not treated in the fallopian tube, it could result in it rupturing which lowers the probability of getting pregnant by fifty percent.

Presently physicians get the blood of such patients screened and conduct ultrasound scanning for detecting irregularities; however such techniques are inaccurate in the preliminary phases post-conception.

But, the blood analysis has accuracy just 3 weeks into gestation. It would facilitate females in having instant surgery for removal of foetus and lessening the likelihood of damage to the fallopian tubes.

This blood test is the brainchild of physicians from the Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in the United States and probes for 4 traits (markers) in the blood that are indicative of ectopic pregnancies.

Doctor M. Rausch who is assisting in the development of the test stated that scores of females would be benefited and be a major life saviour. She addressed the ASRM meet in Denver stating that this invention has the potential to be used for ectopic pregnancy diagnosis in early gestation. She added that although presently on majority of the occasions such individuals rush to hospitals and undergo emergency surgical procedure yet there is a definite risk.

The scientists extracted blood samples from a hundred females with existent ectopic pregnancies and contrasted these to samples taken from a hundred females in good health. They uncovered that the blood test accurately diagnosed forty-two percent of ectopic pregnancies.

Presently females need to go in for ultrasound scanning and get their blood scrutiny done for a number of days or also weeks on end for determining if they are having ectopic pregnancy.

Total removal of fallopian tube becomes necessary in case it has been ruptured thus halving a female’s prospects of getting pregnancy as merely the eggs from her one remnant ovary could be reaching the uterus.

Nearly forty percent of females having ectopic pregnancies are incapable of bearing offspring innately after this.

Although the test is immensely beneficial for sooner identification of ectopic pregnancy yet only time will tell if such favourable outcomes get replicated in larger-scaled trial.

The test would be obtainable in the subsequent 2-5 years.

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