May 14, 2010

Methotrexate for Ectopic Pregnancy Termination

Methotrexate is classically administered via jab form and duo jab sites would at times be employed for giving a single dosage. This technique facilitates more of the medicine being absorbed. Methotrexate could be administered orally however there have been better success rates when it has been given via shot form instead of orally.

Methotrexate – How it Functions in Terminating Ectopic Pregnancy?

In the initial seven days subsequent to having received the methotrexate shots, the woman’s hCG levels would be monitored at regular levels. The physician would keep a look out for fall in hCG levels which are indicative of terminating pregnancy (amounts of hCG at times increase in the initial couple of days of therapy and then lessen).

  • In case there is an adequate drop in hCG levels subsequent to seven days then the woman would be tested every seven days till the levels are less enough to indicate safe pregnancy termination. It would generally take around a month’s time however could even take over three months.
  • In case a woman’s hCG levels are not reducing to the levels expected by doctors even following a week after jab administration then she would be administered another methotrexate dosage and her hCG levels would be checked in the same manner as was followed after the foremost methotrexate dosage.
  • In case a woman’s hCG levels would keep rising and stay elevated or in case the physician is doubtful regarding likelihood of tubal rupture then surgical intervention would be necessary for termination of ectopic pregnancy.
Why is Methotrexate Employed?

Methotrexate could be employed for:

  • Termination of an early ectopic pregnancy.
  • Preventing the development of any remnant embryo or fetus cells post-surgery for ending ectopic pregnancy.

It is additionally employed for treating particular forms of cancer, RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and used to induce abortion.

Methotrexate – How Effective is it?

Treatment using methotrexate would be a success when;

  • Levels of hCG are lesser than five thousand.
  • When pregnancy is in the initial six weeks.
  • There is no fetal cardiac activity.

When after two to three dosages of methotrexate, there is no affect on the ectopic pregnancy then surgery would become necessary for terminating ectopic pregnancy.

Though not a prevalent course of action, methotrexate could be administered on alternate days till hCG levels are indicating pregnancy termination. On every other day, leucovorin or folinic acid would be administered via shot form for decreasing methotrexate side-effects.

Till methotrexate treatment is concluded women are recommended to steer clear from folic acid, vitamins inclusive of prenatal vitamins, alcoholic beverages and penicillin. Prevalent side-effects linked to methotrexate use are stomach pains, blood loss or spotting from vagina, feeling nauseous, puking, upset stomach, weariness, feeling lightheaded or giddy.

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