Jan 1, 2011
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Energy Efficient Light Bulbs unsafe for Pregnant Women & Little Ones

Eco bulbs or energy efficient light bulbs are at the core of new health alert just lately, subsequent to scientists asserting that they emit rather risky levels of mercury on rupture.

Amounts of lethal vapours in close vicinity of the shattered eco bulbs were twenty folds more as compared to what is deemed as risk-free rule limitation for indoors areas, the trial has indicated. Moreover, cracked bulbs tend to be potentially risky to expectant mothers, infants & little kids.

The worries encase CFL or compact fluorescent lamp type which is a commonly used eco bulb in U.K. that are  miniscule adaptations of strip-light that are used in office settings.

The EU has begun to phase-out conventional luminescent lamps employed for over a century & has begun to force individuals into switching to less-energy consuming substitutes for meeting its climate-change objectives.

A compact fluorescent lamp employs 1/5th the energy consumed by traditional bulb & capable of saving seven pounds annually in electricity billings. But, sceptics protest that lighting from CFL is harsh & flickering type. Medical charitable trusts state that they are capable of triggering epilepsy attacks, migraine attacks & rash formations on the skin & have urged susceptible individuals in opting out.

An incandescent bulb doesn’t have mercury presence and so is the case with energy-saver types like light emitting diodes & halogen bulb. The trial for Germany’s FEA conducted a testing of the worst-case situation employing duo CFL bulbs – one of them having two mg mercury while the second one having five mg – none of these having a shielding case & duo of them ruptured when heated on.

Researchers from the Fraunhofer Wilhelm Inst. uncovered that this variety emitted about seven mcg/cubic mtr. air. The officially permissible parameter boundary is 0.35 mcg/cubic mtr.

J. Flasbarth, president of FEA stated that existence of mercury is the negative side of such energy efficient light bulbs and a light technology is needed which could thwart mercury contamination at the earliest.

Flasbarth added that favourable & essential energy-saving of around eighty percent in comparison to light bulb must be going hand-in-glove with a risk-free item posing zero-risk to our health.

Scientists when conducting the tests were startled to unearth that several lamps didn’t have any shielding case & ruptured when heated up.

Measurement of elevated mercury amounts at flr. level till 5 hrs. were done following the lamps failing.

Speaker for FEA stated that kids & pregnant women must be keeping away from bursted energy-saver lights. In kid’s room & several regions at more risk of lamps rupturing, it is recommended that the usage of energy-saver lights be done which are shielded from breaks.

But the United Kingdom government is adamant that CFL lights were risk-free & that risk from being exposed on just one instant was least.

The HPA states that ruptured CFLs are not likely to be causing health issues, but it recommends individuals for ventilating their rooms wherein lights have broken & the area evacuated for fifteen minutes.

People are even recommended to don shielding gloves when they wipe the region of rupture using moist cloths & collect glass shreds which have to be tossed into garbage bags & tied tightly.

CFL lamps must not be placed in the waste bins – irrespective of whether there ruptured or in one piece, however to be taken to harmful wastes recycle centers.

Environmentalists’ state that switching to less-energy lamps will lower the extent to which one is exposed to mercury from coal fired power-station.

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