Apr 12, 2011

Factor V Pregnancy Exercise Plan

Factor V is a heritable condition predisposing you to blood clot formations. During gestational period, likelihood of blood clots forming augments, inclusive of DVT or deep vein thrombosis clots that arise in the deeper veins such as the thigh’s femoral vein. Deep vein thrombosis atypically arises – 1 from each one to two thousand gestations. But, gestational alterations in blood because of hormone levels tend to increase the frequency of DVT in females by five to ten percent as compared to other sets. But, majority of the females having Factor V experience normal pregnancy & merely ten per cent of individuals having Factor V would ever be developing irregular blood clotting.

Cardiovascular Exercises

These exercises keep the blood in a state of motion all through the body & lower the person’s risk of developing blood clotting. Exercise forms such as taking walks, indoors cycling & taking swims could be done by pregnant women though it is always best to seek advice of a physician prior to commencing any exercise plan.

Seated Exercise

In case one faces problems exercising & are immobile for lengthy spans of time, one could yet be performing exercises.

  • A number-4 stretch could help in elevating your legs & promote blood circulation.
  • Doing such a stretch by placement of the left foot on top of the right knee.
  • In case this is not comfortable then crossing your left foot on top of your right ankle.
  • In both positions, one must ideally be bending forwards to a slight extent from the waistline till one senses a stretching in the left hip.
  • Legs are to be reversed for balancing.
  • Blood clots could be prevented by merging long periods of being seated with periods of having stood up – despite one standing for merely some minutes.
Standing Exercises

These forms of exercises might even be helpful in keeping blood from forming clots in the lower extremities. This could be carried out by raising heel by having stood tall with feet under your hips & then gradually raise heels & come on to the ball areas of both feet. Doing this helps in contracting calf muscles that promote blood flow.


Such exercises aren’t an alternative for medical intervention. In case one is having isolated pains in one of the legs or disproportionate swell up in the legs then it is imperative to discuss with your physician. In case any of the exercise forms are causing pains then halt instantaneously.

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