May 21, 2010
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Lucid Facts about Single Parenting

Undoubtedly, parenting is a tough job no matter how one looks at it and being a single parent raises the level of difficulty even further. With everyone and everything around depending on you, the absence of a supportive partner for easing the unremitting daily responsibilities of raising kids could eventually take its toll on the springiest of single parents. Round-the-clock, single-handedly juggling several tasks often leaves little personal time away for any breaks or holidays. In case you are the sole bread-earner of the house, monetary worries only augment the burden even further. At times one feels as though there is no much energy left physically or mentally to keep it going any further.

Facts about single parenting

In the UK, one-quarter of families are led by a single parent. Over the span of their lifetimes, several kids would be spending some time in a lone-parenting house either due to divorce, separation, death, abandonment or the child being born out of wedlock. Almost 9 among 10 single parents are women. Majority of the single moms and their kids have income levels under or bracing the poverty line.

Despite presence of a supportive family, dependable buddies and a decent vocation, the demands of single parenting could often be immensely daunting as responsibilities tend to fall on just one pair of shoulders.

Though facts about single parenting appear to be no picnic yet it does carry its share of positive aspects. The exceptional bond and closeness between single parents and their children are often worth all the trials and tribulations. As a single parent one may uncover strengths that one was never aware of and emerge out of it with a renewed sense of wisdom, strength and accomplishment.

Downsides of solo parenting

One of the vital facts about single parenting is often the disinclination to set solid boundaries. Single parents often nurse a sense of guilt as they feel their children are missing out on something vital for their proper development and regrets about being incapable of spending adequate time with them. Due to this single parents often feel tempted to give into nearly all demands put forth by their children.

Another consequence of single parenting is the lineage to treat kids as their best chums and revealing their deepest thoughts and feelings to them. Kids need to go through their pace of emotional development and them having to be substitute-adults is bound to interfere with the growth phase. It is hardly ever possible for a kid to don a role of an adult without facing weighty consequences to his/her future emotional development.

Maternal Single Parenting

Although the absence of a father could never be completely substituted, but when the task is well-handled the child could easily blossom into a well-adjusted adult.

Though loneliness, feeling imprisoned or down do confound a single mother and it is only natural that such feelings could unintentionally be vent out on the child, yet it is vital that keep spirits high at all times. It is vital for a single mother to maintain her hobbies, friendships, vocation and outdoor activities as much as possible and not have her life completely revolving around the kid. Assistance from family, relatives, friends, or day care are all viable options.

Both younger and older kids feel the need for friendly associations with other men in case the father is not present. Boys without fathers particularly need the opportunity and support to play around with other boys on a daily basis by the age of two and be engaged in childlike pursuits. It would be helpful to have other boys over to the house or taking them out on excursions and treats. A grandfather, uncle, cousin, scoutmaster, male teacher, priests, rabbis or minister, family friends could all serve as substitute-fathers in case they enjoy the kid’s company and are seeing the child on a fairly regular basis. Encouraging the child to enrol in clubs or other organizations headed by men leaders could also be another viable choice.

Fathers as single parents

There are number of fathers who find it hard fitting into the nurturing role since several of them have been brought out to believe that nurturing translates to being feminine or soft. Due to this, several fathers find it tough initially providing the gentle consoling and cuddles which kids need particularly younger ones. However with passage of time and gained experience, several single fathers do manage to ably rise to the task.

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