Mar 15, 2011
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Feng Shui Your Nursery for a Healthy & Thriving Environment

Followers of the three thousand years old Chinese practice of Feng Shui are strong believers of the fact that for having a house where affluence, good luck & successes would flourish, arrangement of space needs to be done in accordance for promoting free flow of chi (energy). In regards to the little one arriving, Feng Shui could be deployed as a crucial means of grounding your infant in a healthful & thriving setting.

Many Feng Shui beliefs are to be taken into consideration while one arranges the infant’s nursery like where the infant’s bedroom is located inside the home & furnishings arrangements alongside the shade & movement in the bedroom.

Bedroom Position

In regards to placement of the infant’s nursery, here are several ‘do-not’ like:

  • Placement of the infant’s nursery must not be done on top of garages or vacant room in a home.
  • Similarly, the infant’s nursery must not be in a place where the infant would be bothered by excess noises.
  • Preferably, infant boys must be laid in a nursery situated in the north-east areas of the home whereas the ideal placement for infant girls must be west, south-east or south parts of the home.
Placement of Furniture

The baby’s cot must not be positioned alongside a barrier/ wall which is shared with a loo or a cellar or store room since it would have an adverse impact on the infant’s health. The infant must be placed in such a manner that he/ she has easy viewing of the visitors entering/ exiting the room which would proffer a sense of safety & protection. Hence position the baby’s cot next to a concrete wall which is facing the entrance of the room.

Colour for the Nursery

Which colour must the infant’s nursery be, is generally a parental choice or in accordance to the traditional colours assignment to an infant’s gender. In case one is keen on determining the colour of one’s newly born’s room as per Feng Shui principles then opt for the Feng Shui bagua wheel map which allots specific colours & elements to particular regions in the house alongside facets of life like vocation, kids & bonds. The wheel states that the finest colour for kids is white as it is the colour linked to creativeness. Even as kids would be benefiting on selecting white for their rooms, in case one prefers having colour on the wall then choosing soft, subdued tones as it would aid in promoting sound health & relaxation. Though vivid colours could be nice-looking, however according to Feng Shui principles it tends to over-stimulate infants.

Positive Energy in the Nursery

For creating positive movement in the infant’s nursery & soft energy flowing through it, always keeping the fan on a lesser-setting would help in creating air motion. For some added movement, one could play gentle tunes & hang mobiles close to windows for swaying in the wind.


One must always try to balance the lights in an infant’s room so that it is neither excessively darkened nor brightened. Excess brightness could impact the infant’s level of sound slumber & too darkened areas are daunting. Rather try blinds as it would permit one is letting additional or lesser lighting inside the room in accordance to the day/ night or the requirement for dark or light.

Nursery Adornment

Which kinds of design or picture may be placed on the walls of the infant’s nursery are also crucial aspects to be taken into consideration. Feng Shui practitioners caution all that any print having themes of jungles or animals could intimidate a newly born child & better evaded. Even, motif of seas & water are undesirable since in Feng Shui it is considered to be causing health conditions affecting lungs, kidneys, nose & breathing or might aggravate asthma in infants. Nature’s design which is welcoming, pleasing & warm are advisable since they promote safety & good health of the infant. For parents who are biased towards using aqua or animals themes could yet go ahead, though going easy on the images, possibly try to balance it well with anything pro-Feng Shui.


For obtaining ‘chi’ or positive energy for yourself & your little one it is most important that your home be organized & de-cluttered. Pointless cluttering could obstruct energy mentally & physically and even creativeness thud leading to dissuasion.

Repairing & Renovating

Any type of fixing & renovating work in the home must be speedily completed prior to bringing a newly born home. Also when one cleans always aim for totally innate products since harsh-natured chemical presence can harm the infant.

In regards to self-painting the nursery, expectant mothers must ideally not be painting the entire room though touch-ups here and there could be done – till the time one paints in a room with proper ventilation. Moreover, ensure using non-toxic, water based paints and take off any wall to wall carpets as it is a breeding ground for dust mite & moldy growth. In case one has some carpet or wooden tiling which has toxin presences then take them out too.

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