Jul 14, 2010

Fertility Massage

Presently, couples intent on conceiving could avail various options of Fertility massage that share a common objective of reinstating the body to health for promoting the processes of fertilizing, implanting and conception.

During the foremost trip to a consultant, one could anticipate a comprehensive evaluation of one’s past and current health (physically as well as emotionally). Since only some of these fertility massage techniques have been technically researched, hence it is imperative to firstly seek your physician’s opinion prior to opting for them in case one is going through in-vitro fertilization cycle or any other assisted reproduction methods.

Bowen Technique

In the Fifties, Bowen technique or BowTech or Bowenwork originated as a mild strategy for improving fertility. It got the name due to Tom Bowen, the creator of this method. Plainly stated, the technique entails manipulating the muscles and soft-textured tissues with the assistance of mild pressure applied via clothes on certain regions of the body like tailbone, leg, shoulder, neck and leg region. Fascinatingly, several of the BowTech moves bear major resemblance to acu-points employed in conventional Chinese medicine.

How it Boosts Fertility

A practitioner would firstly work with the woman and try figuring out whether her periods are occurring regularly. No sooner has menstrual cycle normalization occurred, Bowen techniques would attempt at optimizing ovulation. This is accomplished by visits to the practitioner, twice or thrice before the start of her menstrual cycle and the couple advised on refraining from sexual contact till the day when the woman is due to ovulate. Although no scientific research has been done on the Bowen technique, practitioners believe that it has a favourable impact on the nervous system and enhances blood supply and lymphatic drainage in the organs of the reproductive system. On several occasions, individuals have blockage due to presence of ovarian cyst formations, endometriosis or past of PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) which could lead to reduced functions performed in the region.


The costs differ country-wise and on an average a thirty to sixty minutes long session would loosen your purse strings by sixty dollars. One could expect a single session in a week till menstrual cycle normalization occurs thus taking anywhere between 2-6 months.

Additional Info

One could check out the link (www.bowenwork.com). One could also contact 866-862-6936 to get a listing of those who practice Bowen technique in one’s locality.

Clear Passage Therapies

This type of fertility massage was created by certified massager Larry Wurn as a means of repairing adhesion formation in the pelvis which might thwart a woman’s chances of getting pregnant or carry it to full-term. Adhesions in the pelvic region are similar to scar formations on the site of a slash or bruise. When internally placed tissues receive some kind of harm due to inflammation such as endometriosis, surgical procedure, traumatic episode, urinary bladder infection or yeast infections then pelvic adhesions develop for helping the body in healing. However no sooner has healing occurred, the adhesions would continue to be present in the body which are the main reason for perfunctory infertility (or some hindrance in the path to merger of the egg and sperm or embryo implantation).

How it Boosts Fertility

In a Clear Passage therapy, the soft tissue is manually manipulated in the abdominal area and is relatively deep-set. The method bears some resemblances with MFR therapy or acutherapy wherein stretching of the miniscule regions of muscle tissue are done for releasing rigidity. This technique is not discomforting and the specialist would initially palpate the region for determining any non-aligned cervix (prevalent issue which makes insemination and in-vitro fertilization methods trickier to succeed). The collagenic bonds creating the adhesions would then be broken down. Practitioners even claim to remove fallopian tube blockage and believe that this technique assists women trying IVF as well as by innate means to get pregnant sooner.


It is a twenty-hour course of therapy (conducted in 4-hourly increment over a week’s time) and would cost around five thousand dollars.

Additional Info

One could check out the link clearpassage.com.

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