May 24, 2010

Is the use Hair Dye Colors safe During Pregnancy?

Those women not innately blondes, brunettes or redheads might be among several thousands of women using hair dye colors as their sly weapon for getting gorgeous looking tresses. But after a woman has conceived, there are bound to be doubts regarding safety quotient related to the continual use of hair dye colors during gestational term. The answer to this query is still dicey. There are several researches been conducted for probing the impact of hair dye colors use during pregnancy and till recently there have been no proof that link hair coloring use during pregnancy with birth flaws.

Hair coloring during First Trimester

Although there is dearth of proof that hair dye use causes birth anomalies, the miasma of doubt hangs heavy. The initial trimester of pregnancy is the time when formation of the vital fetal organs takes place. Several physicians’ advice pregnant women in their first trimester to postpone their hair coloring till the second trimester or avoid it totally during pregnancy.

During 1978, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued caveats on hair dye brands which had duo coal tar constituents. A National Cancer Inst. Study finding indicated that rodent models that were given such coal tar based compounds had greater likelihood of developing cancer as compared to those who were not given these compounds to eat. As part of the research, the mice were given vast quantities of such compounds far surpassing what someone could consume. It additionally failed in assessing the risk factors of such constituents following skin application. Other researches on hair dyes have found that merely a tiny proportion of hair dye absorption via the scalp occurs which enters the body. Hair dye producers have halted manufacturing of such components however several of them have been re-substituted with analogous structures.

Could absorption of hair dye via the skin cause harm to fetal health

Solely a miniscule quantity of hair dye is taken up via the skin which is small enough to be able to cause any kind of harm to the fetus. Studies that are obtainable fail in showing any proof of hair dye use and birth anomalies. In animal model the use of hair dye in dosages hundred folds more than what could be used on the human hair has been done in studies that could not show any irregular fetal growth or flaws in animals. Also, no many researches on hair dye use and pregnancy in humans has been done to provide sufficient evidence to prove if or not hair dyes use could be detrimental to human pregnancy.

Safety Hints for hair coloring during Pregnancy
  • Avoiding hair coloring in the initial trimester.
  • Choosing a hair dye that would last on the scalp for the smallest extent of time as likely.
  • Wearing hand gloves while one colors the hair.
  • Rinsing hair meticulously following hair coloring.
  • Opting for highlights or frosts on the hair as a safer alternative since application of the chemical constituents is not direct on the scalp and hence lesser amount of absorption of hair dye via the skin occurs.
  • Using innate hair dyes like hennas which is a vegetable dye deemed free of risk for pregnant women.
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