Dec 30, 2010
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Head Lice Green Treatment Options

Head lice are a source of intense aggravation to the child and the parent as well. Those suffering from such creepy-crawlies end up trying several brands of chemical-based products or simply shaving off their mane.

A number of head lice formulations have Lindane which is a toxic substance capable of persisting in our environment and charting its course to water ways subsequent to them being rinsed off. This toxic substance could also permeate the skin’s surface, affecting the CNS and even identified to be causal to kidneys & liver harm. Hence always remember checking the labelling of any head lice treating product one purchases for presence of Lindane.

Here are some superlative greener options to avert head lice infestations.

Pour a cap filled with Tea Tree oil inside a spraying container and then fill it up using water. It is a cost-effective as well as green choice. Addition of this oil to shampoos could be done for a simple maintenance therapy.

One green substitute is adding one tablespoonful hair conditioning solution merged alongside miniscule quantity of searing water and ten droplets lavender essential oil inside a spraying bottle & then filling up using some water. The kid’s hair could be sprayed with this potent mix everyday ensued by swift brushing throughout.

As head lice comb could be costlier hence instead trying flea combs which are an inexpensive and potent substitute. Hair should be vigilantly combed with a nit comb and those coming in the pack of lice shampoo brands like LiceMeister are ideal. Their metallic teeth are closely placed ensuring lice being caught more effectively and no hair being pulled out in the process.

A surprising head lice treatment that some people use is saturating hair totally with mayonnaise or vaseline. However, during application do ensure working it deep till root level and hairs should appear quite slippery for this technique to suffocate the pesky creatures. Now, wrapping hair up with towels or shower cap for a minimum of an hour’s time or duo hours would ascertain their complete obliteration. Now, hair should be shampooed meticulously using white vinegar & then rinsing off using water. Some people even claim that the greasiness in their hair came off with the use of dish-washing liquid. These treatments basically place the lice in a state of dormancy or inactivity though not dead thus they are capable of reviving afterwards. Hence, all lice must be combed out to avert any re-infestations.

A popularly chosen shampoo used for tackling lice is using normal shampoo plus 3 constituents like tea tree oil (one teaspoon), three tablespoons of olive oil and a teaspoon of eucalyptus/rosemary oil.

White cedar extracts & oil of the fruit are capable of killing big lice & several nits.

The use of hair dryers blowing hot air into the scalp for fifteen minutes at dawn and dusk, alongside proper use of nit comb on the scalp. However, such a therapy isn’t applicable for those using OTC chemical therapies like Nix, Rid as heating from dryers could annul their effect. Some people have cited good riddance from the pests when they merged blow-drying with Cetaphil applications.

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