Jun 7, 2011

Headache Remedies For Kids That Soothe

Headaches are the commonest bother that children experience & are oftentimes linked to elevated levels of anxiousness & pressure. Ninety percent of all school-going kids suffer from headaches, whilst migraines afflict ten per cent of children – duo of these might arise as a result of stress-ridden episodes & could oftentimes be mollified sans medicine.

A kid’s thoughts could assist in unraveling several of the knotted nerves & taut muscles which lead to headache & analogously learning stress-pacifying skills would help for an entire lifetime.

Constructive reflections have a major effect on pains when kids are in a hassle-free state. Laying focus on individual imagery could help in distracting a kid from discomforting sensations & help him/ her in letting go of the tensions in his/ her head. It even offers children a means of exploring & expressing concealed feelings which trigger stresses. Though imagination tools could be deployed on instant pains however they are working best amid spells of distresses & part of a general preventative program.

Explained herewith are seven medicine-free headache remedies that might just offer respite to your kid.

Kid’s Headache Remedies 101

An oz. of Prevention

In case your kid is susceptible to migraine attacks then inform him/ her regarding prevalent triggering factors like caffeine, cheeses, chocolates & sugar; excess or deficit in sleeping; vivid lighting & blaring sounds; being stressed out; fury or being frustrated; excessively or hardly any exercising & barometer pressure alterations. Identifying the triggering factors could aid in preventing headaches.

Strength of the tablet

Asking your kid to explain how he/ she envisages a headache pain-killer working. Possibly, your kid could imagine a placating scenario to assist him/ her – with or in the absence of the real pain drug.

Maintain a Headache Diary

Get your child to jot down the day, what time & the extent of headache he/ she experienced alongside what he/ she felt prior to the headache having struck & using a scale from 0-10 (least value indicating zero pains while ten indicative of max level). When child begin making the link amid being frustrated & inception of headache, it goads them into learning novel ways to cope (like meditating, draw, dance, breathing techniques to relax the body & mind, anything physically related to set free stresses & more).

Trio Query Survey

When your child is experiencing a headache, ask him/ her trio queries that could aid in reducing or eliminating the pains. Having the child to start doing balloon inhalations & exhalations – slow breathing 2-3 inch. Beneath the belly button – & then asking the following queries:

  • What’s the colour?
  • How weighty it is?
  • What’s the form?

Subsequent to 3-5 further slow deep inhalations & exhalations, asking the kid to repeat the same. Continue breathing & asking the child these queries in cycles. In most likelihood the pains would lessen or vanish within 5-10 minutes.

Asking the Source

Suggesting the child to talk straight to the headache – asking what it wants him to discern, do or comprehend to set free any further bits of hurt & then following the instruction.

Deploy calming colors

In case your kid is describing his/ her head as searing or burning then suggest that he/ she picture a color for calming down her searing head. Begin with what he/ she envisages & in case she feels stuck then offering some ideas like icy-bluish or dark greens.

Melting off the rest

Proposing the thought of envisaging pains of headaches melt via the temples & out or one could be holding one’s hand around 6 inches far from the origin of his/ her headache for giving him/ her path in which to convey his/ her pains – outwards & away. Notify the child that you would assist in pulling the absolving pains out of his/ her head & envisioning this yourself.

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