Jun 14, 2011
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Health and Safety Tips on National Fireworks Safety Month This June

Though fire crackers are a fun-filled & enthralling way of celebrating our country’s freedom, it could additionally be injurious or also lethal when proper usage isn’t followed. Annually, over sixty-five per cent of all fire crackers- linked injury cases are reported in July. From these, over fifty percent of these arise in the finger, hand & eye areas with the commonest brands causing injuries being bottle rocket, fountain, sparkler, firecracker, candle whose use are legit in several states. 5 Child Safety Tips to Keep Child Safe on Social Networks

Here’s important health and safety information for the entire family so that they could be enjoying fireworks whilst lowering risks of accidents occurring.

Health and Safety Advice
  • Make it a point to scan the instructions meticulously on the pack prior to lighting any fire crackers.
  • Not throwing any sparkler after burning out on the ground as the searing burnt remnants from it could cause burns on anybody stepping on it.
  • Wearing apt clothes when using fireworks – inclusive of denims or cotton, longish trousers, shielding gear for the eyes & ears & cased footwear.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks or using drugs when one lights up fireworks.
  • Keeping firecrackers away from bare fire, inclusive of cigarette & not smoking around firecrackers.
  • Keeping fire crackers dry & not lighting ones that have gotten damp or sodden.
  • Storing fire crackers in cool, non-damp settings & far from kids. Ensure small kids are incapable of reaching them & not allowing kids to place them in their mouths.
  • Avoid purchasing generic firecrackers which don’t bear labeling that identifies the maker. Check for mandatory clear labeling on firecrackers – 1.4G/ Class-C.
  • Avoid buying non-legal firecrackers as several of these possess volatile constituents with sensitivity to frictions & shock.
  • Not allowing kids to use fire crackers sans adults supervising them & giving them clear-cut instructions in advance prior to burning them.
  • Avoid throwing or tossing fire crackers to another individual or animal.
  • Avoid lighting fire crackers in highly crowded regions.
  • Using apt instrument to light firecrackers like torch, punk stick, safety flare or several apposite devices to facilitate some gap amid the firecrackers devices & the individuals who would light them.
  • Avoid picking up non-lit or non-exploded firecrackers. Those which malfunction must be immersed in water for sixty minutes prior to their disposal. Avoid re-lighting ones that have earlier malfunctioned.
  • Avoid placing any body part above the firecracker & lighting at arms distance & retiring to risk-free distance no sooner the device has lit up.
  • While lighting firecrackers which use mortar tube or repeater, ensure secure mounting of devices or securing in a manner that it’s tipping over doesn’t occur on being burnt.
  • Considering the direction as well as pace of wind when lighting firecrackers & avoid lighting them when winds are rather gusty.
  • Avoid lighting firecrackers close to any object which can catch flames.
  • Keeping non-used firecrackers in shut containers & away from the location one plans to light one’s firecrackers.
  • Keeping a bucketful of water or water pipe & first-aid box close by for any undesirable scenarios. Aloe extract is great to soother slight burn cases.
  • Avoid storing kaput firecrackers as they could abruptly be igniting sans caveat.
  • Lighting firecrackers outside in consented regions & far from any building or arid grass-filled regions.
  • Not shooting firecrackers from metallic or glass-make container.
  • Avoid carrying firecrackers in one’s pockets.
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