Jun 24, 2010
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Handy Herbal Remedies for Young Kids and Infants – Part II

Sweet Herbal Remedies

Sweet herbal cures (viscid herbs included) are mild ideal soothers having a sour-sugary flavour and help in strengthening weakened tissues. These include:

It has virus-combating attributes and used for treating restlessness and dry coughs. Several herbal practitioners also use it for overcoming sweet tooth and recommend it for low blood sugar. Due to its sugary taste it is an ideal flavour-enhancing medium in herbal mixes.

It helps in relieving abdominal gassiness, enhances digestion, an appetite improver and aids in liver detox. Its expectorator traits make it a great decongestant and useful for coughs.

Slippery Elm
It is the most safe, mild, healthful herbal remedy for kids. It could be either drunk in tea form to tackle GI irritation and loose bowels or dusted on the diapers prior to use for allaying nappy rashes. Children suffering from a bout of loose bowels would find relief after drinking a mixture of Slippery Elm along with apple or some other fruit juices.

Bitter or Astringent Herbal Remedies

Leaves of Red Rasberry are one sour herbal remedy that thwarts emissions like excessive mucus-filled discharge, loose bowels and blood loss. It is also an ideal soother when applied over sting or bite of several insect types.

Yarrow has inflammation-combating properties and has traditionally been employed for swifter wound healing and as a cure for tooth aches, infection, indigestion, fever and cough, colds.

Herbal Formulations

Alj is an herbal formulation that has decongesting and expectorator traits. It helps in loosening phlegm and additionally regulating the digestive system.

Indigestion problems are assuaged with the use of Fennel, Catnip. Red Clover Blend is an ideal blood-purifying herbal formula which has traditionally been employed for treating rash, hive, pox or other skin problems.

The Right Way to Make Herbal Remedies for young Kids

Herbal syrups for kids (1 year or more) could be prepared by blending analogous proportions of water and honey, or brown sugar along with water. One could then basically simmer the mix and toss in two ounces of herbs (dry form) into one pint syrup, covering it and letting it bubble for fifteen to twenty minutes, straining the mix prior to offering it to the kids.

Several herbal cures for kids are glycerine-based (glycerites). Glycerine, unlike sugar would not cause a spurt in the kid’s blood glucose levels and is sweet-tasting. Also glycerine does not possess the toxic nature of alcohol hence a safe bet for kids and babies. Due to glycerine being an innate constituent of fats, infants posses metabolic paths for glycerine processing. For glycerites preparation, in case of dry herbs, using mix of sixty percent glycerine and forty percent water and in case of fresh herbs using seventy percent glycerine and thirty percent water. Place the fresh herbs in the jar with the mix or in case of dry herbs using an oz. for every pint. The mix is to be boiled and then simmered in a low heat for around thirty to forty minutes and after cooling, straining the herbs from the solution employing cheese cloths.

The resultant mix is then to be stored in a snug fit bottle to be preserved in a dark, dry and cool area and has a shelf-life of 2-3 years. Peppermint, licorice, spearmint, fennel are fine options for flavouring glycerites for kids.

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