Jun 18, 2010
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Handy Herbal Remedies for Young Kids and Infants – Part I

Innate remedies could be safety used on young kids and infants till the time good judgement is made and one learns about which herb forms are apt and the amount pertinent to a small child. It is crucial that smaller-sized dosages and milder herbal remedies be given to below 2 year old children since their juvenile livers are incapable of properly digesting the constituents present in them.

Aromatic Herbal Remedies

Sharp and aromatic herb types comprise of chamomile, catnip, garlic, spearmint, fennel, peppermint. Pungent herb forms help in improving assimilation, blood supply, facilitate perspiration (lowering fever) and tackling infection.

Garlic oil or in capsular form is widely deemed an innate antibiotic and kids could be offered garlic as internal use or topical application (such as rubbing it on the torso or foot). It could additionally be used as ear drops after heating till body –temperature. Fennel or catnip is a sweet-smelling calmative which helps in settling the alimentary tract and a potent merger with fennel is ideal for colicky babies.

Peppermint with an agreeable taste is easier to administer to kids and mostly employed as a catalytic medium in infant formulations. It has conventionally been used for colicky babies and treating loose bowels, nausea and indigestion. Internal use of peppermint oil is considered unwise and best post-dilution twenty to one using non-volatile oils such as olive oil. It could additionally be massaged on the abdominal area.

Bitter Herbal Remedies

Bitter herb types are prevalently employed for sputum and torpor. These herbs have conventionally been employed for allaying fever, stimulating assimilation, relieving skin aggravation and promoting toxin eradication from the system. Infants could ideally be given burdock, chamomile, red clover and even dandelion.

Chamomile is a potent inflammation-combating agent that assists in digestion, nervous system functioning and conventionally employed for colicky babies, restlessness, cough, cold, flu and anxiety. Oregon Grape and Dandelion help in purifying the blood. Dandelion increases urination and aids in flushing out toxic substances from the kidneys and supporting better kidney functioning. It has conventionally been employed for treating skin problems, food allergy types, pitiable food craving and skin problems.

Spasmolytic Herbal Remedies

Spasmolytic herbal remedies are quite strong and must be given to kids solely in emergency grave scenarios like assuaging ailments and in miniscule dosages. Lobelia is a potent herb though not often used since it is believed to be quite strong. Blu vervian is deemed as a ‘treat-all’ and is comparatively mild. It helps in relaxing the body, clearing wastes, allaying nervousness and eradicating toxic substances. It has been traditionally employed for allaying fever, treating cold, flu, sleeplessness, inflammation, allaying pains, cramping and constipation.

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