Sep 27, 2011
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Home Remedies for Baby Constipation

Babies who are only breBaby constipationastfed are less likely to develop constipation as usually babies can easily absorb breast milk. However, certain formulas given to babies might lead to constipation in some babies because of imperfect balance of protein and fat in them. Baby formulas made from soy can also act as the cause of constipation. It has been found that changing the type or brand of the baby formula helps in easing the baby’s constipation and promoting normal bowel movements.

Older babies i.e. the babies who have already started to eat solid foods, certain food items can act as laxatives relieving constipation as a result. Examples of food items that can safely ease constipation of babies include: peaches, plums, apricots, pears, prunes etc. Fiber is an essential agent for promoting normal bowel movement; foods like prunes, pears, bran cereals and barley are rich in fiber and thus can help babies with constipation.  You will also get baby foods in the market with extra fiber in them. At times, offering smaller quality of foods to the babies has appeared to relieve constipation.

Prunes Pears

Babies can consume natural laxatives also in form of liquids. Babies suffering from constipation can have a tablespoon prune juice in every two hours. You can also add one tablespoon each of apple and prune juice into the cereal if your baby has constipation. Another effective constipation remedy for babies is intake of 1 teaspoon flax oil every day. Pediatricians suggest offering adequate amount of fluids in form of water or juices to the baby for getting rid from constipation; however, you should not offer fruit juices to babies below the age of 18 months.

Prune juice Flax oil

Offering a stomach massage (you must know the right way of doing the massage) or making the baby move can work as a remedy for constipation in babies. If your baby has started crawling, encourage him to crawl for longer durations for promoting bowel movement.

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