Jun 2, 2010

How soon can I take a Pregnancy Test

The most prevalent pregnancy-linked query is ‘How soon can I take a pregnancy test?’

Nine days subsequent to the egg being fertilized it would commence its journey through the fallopian tube inside the uterus where it would implant itself onto the uterus lining. Following this embedding, placental development commences which elicits hCG or pregnancy hormone release into the blood. A part of this hCG would then make its way to the urine and this is what is picked up by the home pregnancy tests for ascertaining pregnancy or not.

Women wondering ‘how soon can I take a pregnancy test?’ could opt for a number of pregnancy tests which have increased sensitivity to detect pregnancy even on the foremost day of a skipped menses. There are other testing kit brands that have greater accuracy nearly seven days subsequent to a skipped menses.

What is the ideal time for taking a home pregnancy test?

In majority of the scenarios, home pregnancy tests would furnish recommendation about using the foremost urine sample for ensuring that the outcomes have maximum accuracy and generally a week to ten days after a woman has skipped her menses.

Undoubtedly, there are several factors that could have an impact on the precision of a pregnancy test and comprise of:

  • Menses days and ovulation could differ on a monthly basis.
  • The precise day that an egg following fertilization implanted onto the uterus is not identified at all times. It is quite common for females getting a negative outcome of the pregnancy test when they have conceived. In case the hCG levels are less or in case the egg has not yet implanted then one would not get an affirmative test outcome.
  • The sensitiveness quotient differs in every brand of home pregnancy test for checking presence of hCG. In case the level is quite less, then the foremost urine sample would most probably exhibit an affirmative outcome.

Alongside questions regarding ‘How soon can i take a pregnancy test’, the other prevalent queries related to home pregnancy tests are:

  • In case a faint positive line appears after sixty minutes post-test then what does it exactly mean? One might have conceived however hCG levels might not be that elevated in the urine. It is advisable to undergone testing a couple of days later or discuss with the doctor regarding blood analysis.
  • What is the reason for test result being affirmative just prior to start of menses? A blood hCG test would be necessary for checking other reasons for an elevated hCG level.
  • Could a woman get a negative test outcome and yet be pregnant? Majority of the women would get an affirmative test within a couple of days of skipping their menses however several females might get a negative test outcome earlier in their pregnancies.
  • Would intake of alcoholic drinks or drug types alter pregnancy test outcomes? Alcoholic drinks or drug types intake do not have an effect on majority of the test outcomes however one must ideally not be using them in case one is planning pregnancy or mulling over having conceived.
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