Jan 20, 2011

Implantation Bleeding

Implantation bleeding is discharge or bleeding from the vagina (traces of pink or brown tinged blood) emitted when the egg post-fertilization has burrowed into the uterine lining – known as blastocyst at this stage.

Solely one-third of pregnant females would be experiencing implantation bleeding and it could be misconstrued to be early miscarriage or onset of menstrual bleeding. Women who experience this form of bleeding must avoid hitting the panic button as it is a completely harmless phenomenon.

When does implantation bleeding occur?

A woman could conceive a number of days post sexual contact or it could occur merely some hours later. By and large, in a situation wherein the egg is undergoing fertilization & the conception is due, it would transpire within twenty-four hours time post-ovulation. A woman’s egg is incapable surviving in the fallopian tube for more than this time. No sooner has egg fertilization occurred it would be travelling to the uterus to get implanted during which time it would continually growth in size and its cell constituents going through division and reproduction. The entire time taken to travel & implant would be taking anywhere eight to ten days to accomplish.

In case a female gets regular menses then she would mostly ovulate mid-cycle on day fourteen. Hence, implantation bleeding would in most likelihood be occurring from twenty-second to twenty-fourth day. Females having lengthier menstrual cycle, implantation bleeding could be anticipated two to four days before the approximated date of subsequent menses.

Length, signs and Appearance of Implantation Bleeding

At what time does the implantation bleeding occur is among the key signs & symptoms of implantation bleeding. Implantation bleeding usually would occur seven to some days prior to menses usually commencing. Spotting occurring quite near the menstrual due date wouldn’t be implantation bleeding. A regular menstrual cycle normally would kick-start scant with spotting & then get heavy.

The span of blood loss due to implantation differs across females and could be as brief as duo hours or even 2 days.

During implantation bleeding the colour of discharge from the vagina noticed could be pinkish or brown, though is some women solely whitish vaginal discharge is emitted.

The blood volume emitted is another aspect to watch out for. Disparate to menstrual bleeding, solely sparse amount of blood is emitted at the time of implantation. Moreover, blood loss due to implantation doesn’t take place continually, instead it is intermittent.

In case a woman has experienced spotting & feels it could be implantation bleeding then she should pay heed to her body. For women attempting conception, the early pregnancy signs bear resemblance to the onset of their menses. In case a woman has conceived then she might start noticing early pregnancy symptoms just about her menses starting date & even earlier.

In case implantation bleeding has occurred, when should women do the pregnancy test.

Any home pregnancy test functions on the principle of detecting Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG in urine sample which is produced by the growing placenta soon following implantation of egg in the uterus post-fertilization. Pregnancy confirmation could be as soon as six to eight days after the woman has ovulated although majority of the females have found affirmative results of pregnancy tests at 9th or tenth day post-ovulation.

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