Jun 22, 2010

Easy Amendments to Increase Fertility – Part II

It is often the simple modifications one can make which could easily increase fertility.

Wolf down some Full-Cream Ice-Cream

Relishing on a bowlful of full fat ice-cream is one easily made amendment. A Nurses’ Health Study outcome indicated that a single or (max) duo everyday serves of whole milk or its products such as curds, cheeses safeguard from ovulatory problems, whereas skimmed milk or less fat milk astonishingly does the contrary. Specialists are not able to totally discern the reason but it is theorized that fat removal from milk alters its equilibrium of sex hormones that would spiral into a bigger problem like hampered ovulation. However, women should avoid over-consumption of such full-cream milk products and preferably replace a single low fat milk product per day with a full cream one and curb calorie intake in other areas of their dietetic intake for maintaining the balance.

Doing it on the correct days

One must count the first day of menses as day-1 of one’s menstrual cycle, majority of the females would undergo ovulation mid-cycle or fourteen days prior to the subsequent menses. In case a woman’s period cycle fluctuates in-between 24 and thirty days then it would translate to ovulation occurring anywhere in-between 10th and 16th day. Prospects of conceiving are highest in the 5 days prior to ovulation or the day one ovulates. Following release of egg from the ovary, it is barely amenable to the sperm for around twelve to twenty-four hours. In comparison, sperms are able to last for more time (nearly 5 days post-intercourse). A basic rule when one times sex for making babies is doing it early and frequently. Even OPK (ovulation prediction kit) could be used that would measure the rise in LH soon following ovulation.

Banish Trans fats

Expert analysis of varied forms of fats noted that trans fats were linked to an elevated likelihood of developing infertility. Trans fats lower the body’s capability of reacting to insulin and females having insulin resistance or are diabetic have greater likelihood of suffering from erratic ovulation. Trans fats could be found in food items (post-packaging) like hydrogenated / partly hydrogenated oils or as vegetable shortening/shortening. The labelling must be meticulously read and steering clear from trans fats to increase fertility.

Kicking the Nasty Butt

Majority of the medical trials have shown that smoking hampers fertility in males as well as females. Several research findings show that ten or more cigarettes smoked per day could have a detrimental impact on egg manufacture. Toxic substances present in cigarette have been found to hinder estrogen-making capability of the cells present in ovary and making the eggs more likely to develop heritable irregularities. Smoking could additionally cause premature aging of the ovaries that could cause untimely and earlier menopause. Smoking has even been linked to augmented chances of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy in women. Lesser sperm counts, mobility and more irregular formed sperms are the several detrimental effects of smoking in males.


Expert advice to increase fertility is doing relaxation methods like meditating, progressive relaxation and autogenic training for ten to twenty minutes daily, two times each day.

Easy Amendments to Increase Fertility – Part I

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