Feb 24, 2011
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Indoor Allergies Relief Tips for Kids

Nearly forty percent of children are affected by ubiquitous indoors allergens like mildew, shedding from pet animals & dust mite. Here are handy tips to assist little sneezers suffering from indoor allergies in breathing easy.

  • Select shielding cover for the kid’s mattress & pillows. Also beddings should be washed one day every week in scalding water. Doing just these duo things would lessen your little one being exposed to dust mite by nearly eighty percent. Those pesky crawlies even adore soft toys, hence in case your kids like to sleep with them & they are non-washable types then simply popping them into garbage bags & tying them tightly for a day’s time for suffocating the little beasts.
  • Cleaning carpeting on a week-by-week basis using HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner & keeping the kid away from those rooms for a minimum of thirty minutes after since it could be kicking up dirt & gook which would only aggravate symptoms of indoor allergies. Also people must ponder carefully prior to purchasing costly HEPA filters as dust mite and pet animal shedding tend to be heavy matter which do not hang around in air thus translating to the fact that these filters would not be of that much assistance.
  • Keeping canines or felines away from the bedrooms of children. The child would be spending a major part of the day – around 9 to 10 hours in the bedroom. Hence, when the pets are indoors for greater number of hours in the wintry season ascertain that the doors of kid’s bedrooms are kept shut for ensuring that he/she faces the least possible exposure.
  • In case mildew is a problem then bathrooms must be thoroughly cleaned & proper ventilation maintained at all times. Also zapping off any fungus using bleaches.
  • Scrubbing down any counter subsequent to any foods being prepared on it & stashing any pantry item into plastic container. The flooring of kitchen must be de-crumbed as much as doable for warding off allergy-causing rodents & creepy-crawlies.
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